Hey notice anything different wait Apple watch Michelle is here for a haircut first bit has gone on just stop public and is now flat maybe you should just keep it blonde like 15 hours but here's a big reveal I got my hair dyed just fuck what are you doing alright this week I'm moving your art entries that you submit into my subreddit check the description down below if you want to submit art to and at the end of the video I'll do the contest entries will review all them it's gonna be super cool super high super lit first entry this is really cool I think this is done with ink her hand looks kind of like scaly skinny but damn that is actually really good oh it turns out that was actually for the most detailed circle challenge I'm doing that later this week your hair my hair oh yeah it's also greenish I don't even know what he used for this is this digital okay I made my own sketchbook ooh there's some fancy DIY stuff okay so this person's 13 and she drew this I don't know about you I'm pretty impressed review it and I'd say maybe black in the hair a little bit but at the same time I'm being very hypocritical I only use one toe or like black in the eyes a little bit to make it more dramatic that's amazing okay nice job holy crap oh my god you see that it's like those are like little fairies or something so I'm gonna drink water just to spit it out to react to it again okay we're gonna pretend like I didn't see this my great reactions deserve the water spit so I'm gonna mark the best ones with water spit oh my gos ass about my nose Iron Maiden I feel like this is something but I'm not sure what it is cuz I'm uncultured I say make the arm to find a little bit more it's a little bit hard to see right now but that looks really nice the colors are really vibrant Oh Stanley single marker drawing this is so cool wait I like this so much you definitely captured the look of Stanley with a single marker so it's a work on the calligraphy but at the same time if you see my handwriting you're gonna call me a complete hypocrite okay so this person drew Naruto it's they add some line weights some line weights would make it look really really cool yeah you like this we can't show this I'm gonna age restricted oh he's really good but we restricted this guy does not skip leg day oh my goodness I think that's really cool the one thing I'd say is this character is off balance so you might want to take a look at that you draw a straight line down the two sides should be evenly bounce and I just realized there's water on our light over there that's so good well I have let the fighters what's like a lightsaber a stab lightsaber fight Steve everyday I'm not sure if it goes at the anime style but a lot of these drugs I say a blind wait to make it even better but at the same time I'm not sure that goes with the stuff oh my goodness it's a Deadpool rating dear yeah cute wait I recognize that pose I feel like that's David Finch pose but dude do you even give the thieving gift bro I feel like the details are there but at the same time his face looks like the blob creature you know what I'm talking about it looks a little bit like that with the nose I'd say check her proportions a little bit of color on the faces my damn in the last video I snapped and I went away nothing happened and I will see you so good going on what if Stannis was just like okay there's the banks as plankton with like the best thing that was so funny you guys gotta submit more content like this Oh charcoal concept no I can never figure out how to use charcoal it always got on my hands a lot and I never liked it but that is so cool if there's one thing I'd say about this I'd say make the foreground a log darker I feel like that will work with the composition a little bit better okay is this the Avengers in game show is finally out who's excited I am very excited well the thing is you drew Hawkeye but Hawkeye is actually Ronan in the end game actually don't know what discon oh this person on the disk or causally Piggy pudding I got some right over here oh this is so much better we're first their gender is only 17 great way to improvise this person used highlighters and some cheap ends and just doodled in class because they had no pencils so great way to improvise that's some like really cool negative space um I I always love doing negative space oh goodness gracious this looks like some legit comic art this is really stylized and to be honest the stuff looks pretty on point dianese spit water for this wait the colors look nice I like the reflective colors it's carnage I do that along except for I used to H light so it rubs off a little bit less no damn flash with pesto right this person would love some feedback on his drawings because it's smoking yeah really nice I say the lighting needs a little bit of work because you see the top of the ice you know the aya portions the light is going up so the I should actually be lit and the forehead should be darker anywhere you can get lit just saying guys lighting is important but getting lit is even more important Oh nine-year-old fanarts balls are a little big oh my god serious he would say that 40 hours 40 damn hours this kid this kid is amazing this actually take 27 hours you can't even be with you for seven hours I'd say add some more dark tones on Deadpool but procreate venom yeah I don't really do digital but this is some nice stuff for that King Kong King Kong that's dumping ballpoint pens that is really really nice I need a drink baby will come now not gonna overreact we're just gonna keep looking take a look see all these Copic markers not today maybe tomorrow one eternity later I'm pretty sure she didn't do it for the drawing she did it to flex the comics on us we got a Spidey here the webs on the side could be a little bit more dynamic just make it a little bit more flowy 20 to 30 hours damn dude Oh give me that where's my water oh no not again what I'm thirsty let me hydrate the end this guy's 17 look he looks like a banana I mean it's really really good but you the Copic ciao doesn't belong up there I only like Copic Sketch maybe check how you render it because it'll give it more volume and dimension it looks like it cuts off a little bit at the end the face especially it looks really really good oh wait I have no more water right now are you okay I can't even do this we can have teach me yeah yeah that's why we draw in your own self ten-hour drawing challenge hope it's a nice one nice and abstract I like it my hair looks scary I can do this because I'm really good digital artist army detail is so cute Oh army oh I feel like this is a similar style of something we've seen before when you have lots of money I guess I own uh khals burger hard work it is oh nice Tommy nice Tommy no no when carpal tunnel strikes okay I love seeing people smile at their phones in public have they received happy news is a text from a loved one perhaps collaboration with this guy called Luke reader animates I contacted him because I saw the really cool drawing you did of me and he didn't mean kind of a baymax heipiess style and I really really liked it so we're gonna try doing it in animation together in the future I'm gonna change my profile picture do kind of that style just for now to announce the collaboration and yeah that is it for this video make sure you guys look out for the most detailed circle and ever I will see you guys over there thanks so much for watching is another episode of our review I love you guys so much keep those are movies day on the daily stop getting me wet must definitely do it end this video right there alright I'll see you guys next time take the attention away from this ugly face


  1. Who are you guys??? I'm from 2022…
    Turns out the sentinel drawing was actually done by an artist name Jello Ucag. Please submit original artwork that you have done!

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    Title your post based on category (art review, critique, meme, contest, fanart, random)

    Congrats on first comment: Gaara Gaming

  2. Could u pls send me that pack of coloured copics cos i don’t got any and would be greatful if that was the outcome

  3. bro i love your work, really nice sketching content, but you really don't have to force so hard that jokes, that girl really felt uncomfortable with that nasty water. just an advice

  4. 13:32 I know you did not just call DragonBallZ style Pokemon or Naruto style. I'm low-key SO triggered right now

  5. 4:12. I like how he says he going to say he’s going to get age restricted for showing his drawling of a gun and his noodles on his arms after he cusses

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