Top 10 App & Web Design Inspiration - week 31

Top 10 App & Web Design Inspiration – week 31

hello everyone and welcome to your weekly interaction inspiration be sure to watch until the end to see this week's winner and to start us off this week is this landing page design called Asian seen by up crap and up next is a Cruz team slider by a Jean rossport window this is extrude interaction by Buster fold and here is fluke spiced lava for geeks and next up is is healthcare app for doctors by / web UX team and the next is this reading for iPad app by domestic flame and next is a recycling app by terrace for awesome and here's this really cool smart TV concept by Overcash for platform and their second-to-last on this list for today is this time tracker uikit by Anton or for ui8 and this week's winner is called fin the tank which is an animation by Mohammed for a risin what was your favorite design comment below and share this video if you enjoyed any of these designs for the week you can find all the links to our social media platforms as well as the future designs down below don't forget to like comment and subscribe and we'll see you next Monday for your inspiration every week

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