there's gonna be really good I can feel it all right come on I'm nervous because nothing ever my god it's a national dress I'm gonna get into the wood the forest it's not much of a once really awful woods wait you bitch oh did you look like a shark came out of the Grafton grass short by you you did not feel my powers so at least you could use it to attack the beach for like one one what one shop yeah hi guys a thousand pigs Oh your cloud again that was just horrible everything in a row was just terrible oh look it's a happy creeper Oh what am I in oh yeah wait no three two one oh my god you live near water so basically what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be drinking from this toilet drinking yes high five yeah chief lots of light lots of broccoli it's a green in there and some mayonnaise it's really really disgusting that's different boss okay so the objective here is to not die it also good luck okay okay here we go you're fine the music is helping are you doing good sprint and go okay you know what Jed why don't you have it do you want it okay all right oh no it's where oh no Wet Ones don't count oh it's not not you I just did odo I'll get you out okay your mouth oh that's no fun get back in there wait because there's some like fake ones in this let me see let me see it okay all right no show show it to me I don't believe you right here I don't want you cheating why would I do that what why wouldn't you do that because that's you that's me this is just how I look that's our poll all right okay so it is all right all right so you're asking because you don't want to have to answer the question so a meme is like a funny little thing something like that so we got a live under a rock oh do not we don't stay hip see the the young hip things we use an actual chest up here dad wait so you might have an item for the battle this explosion turned into a face do you see look the eyeballs are right there then there's the nose he's Mickey Mouse all right he found Mickey Mouse's whole dog you put our pickaxe right oh no we can't fight the zombies alright so take all that stuff and then you put your pickaxe right and then okay this is looking good no it looks good I'll spread it out for you will spread the butter Oh guess what what I won what do you mean I put down the big bet three two one go enchantment table I won baby weirdo oh my god it's you alright I got myself and I aren't now but cool that is at least an upgrade was happening you look really bad gets it in my lava see if you're an Oracle you will live through that lava ok ready yeah oh my gosh oh my gosh she's my dog oh no oh no are you okay oh no you die so much oh I bet you can't reach me a time wait that look like a chicken but we saw who is your favorite character in the entire Simpsons did you really did you really just do you even Simpsons bro that was the worst answer I think I've ever heard you said anything you know that this is gonna end up in one of those animations again who's your favorite person the simpsons subset alright now I'm gonna break this we're gonna see the whole big baby wait a second they smile at you alright okay you'll do the favor from you know you write you will stay into yourself just give me ten seconds after I finish counting two beers oh please I beg I'm on my knees I'll do it yo and you need to shave our people enjoy Ruffy Oh looking really good come on your screen or not no you cannot look at my screen all right oh yeah it's freezes hacking and Jen's mind it is at least what's happening news it's Pat and welcome back to lucky buck do not do this I'm invincible where are you oh it's my bad what happened Lock bed wars right before we started as a joke I said to Jed I'm gonna let you and she was like you don't ever win I'm gonna kill you five times you going all right [Applause]


  1. I don't know what to do. Like for the amazing animations, or dislike for making Pat and Jen floss. (I hate Fortnite with a burning passion, btw. I know Backpack Kid originally did it, but Fortnite made it toxic and made me hate it, a lot.)

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