Top 5 Best Graphics Cards for the Money September 2016

Top 5 Best Graphics Cards for the Money September 2016

yo what's going on guys called to mush back at it with another video and in this video we're gonna be taking a look at the top 5 best graphics cards for September now as I've been saying in recent videos this is a very awkward time if you're buying a graphics card a lot of GPUs are out of stock and a lot of prices are still very much fluctuating so a lot of these prices are all over the place and if you have a specific budget there might not even be a good option for you for example if you're looking to buy a 160 to 170 dollar graphics card there really isn't a good option right now maybe that'll come when Nvidia releases the GTX 1050 I hope that's the case originally I was expecting the rx 470 to fill that price slot but with the our X 480 being out of stock in a lot of places the 470 has really filtered into that $200 price bracket so yeah you guys get the idea it's just a very awkward time to be buying a video card but I still want to give you my analysis on what is the best video cards to buy in September the top 5 best video cards for the money let's get right into this so starting things off with number 5 you can pick up the a Zeus gtx 750ti over on new egg for a hundred and ten dollars and there's a $20 mail-in rebate knocking it down to $90 the 750ti to me has been one of the best options if you're looking to buy a GPU on a very tight budget after the mail-in rebate you can get this video card for under $100 and if you're spending that kind of money on a GPU obviously you're not expecting crazy performance but if you're playing games like League of Legends World of Warcraft the 750ti will be able to power those no problem I know with WoW some of the raids do get crazy and even a video cut like this might not be able to hold up but you guys get the idea and even with the 750ti on newer games it can still run games like fallout 4 at medium settings at 40 frames per second or The Witcher 3 at medium settings at 30 frames per second that's not bad performance it's very comparable to a console but when you're spending this kind of money on a video card that's not really that bad moving on to number 4 the Sapphire Radeon rx 462 gigabyte video card is available for one hundred and twenty dollars this jpo is pretty much just a step up from the 750 Ti this does give you pretty solid performance actually the performance is comparable to a gtx 950 and that GPU goes for around one hundred and forty dollars so this is a bit cheaper as far as performance goes this is a very entry-level 1080p video card you can play games like GTA 5 F 45 frames per second The Witcher 3 at 35 to 40 frames per second on medium and high settings so fairly solid performance given the price but again just like the 750ti nothing too crazy I should also mention there is a four gigabyte model available of the rx 460 so if you guys want to check that out feel free that's about twenty to thirty dollars more expensive moving on to number three the EVGA geforce gtx 10 63 gigabyte model is available for two hundred dollars flat that's a pretty good price for the gtx 1060 yes it is a three gigabyte model i would have really liked if this GPU just had one more gigabyte if it was a four gigabyte video card but alas that is not the case obviously there is the six gigabyte X 1060 that's around two hundred and fifty dollars if you're just gaming at 1080p the three gigabytes isn't gonna be too limiting but if you're playing games at 1440p I wouldn't recommend this at all but if you're spending $200 on a video card you're probably not looking for 1440p gaming so this should be just fine this offers really great performance for its price around 50 to 60 frames per second on a lot of the higher-end games at 1080p some of the games you won't be able to completely max them out but with a game like the division you can play that at high and get around 50 frames per second The Witcher 3 is gonna run really good Metal Gear Solid 5 will work well a deus ex man kind of added all of the newest games are gonna work well it's not gonna always be the consistent maxed out 60 frames per second but for what you're spending it's going to give you a really great gaming experience if the RX 484 gigabyte model was in stock for $200 I would have recommended that over the 10 60 but alas it is not available a lot of the RX 4 80s even the 4 gigabyte models are like 2 20 to 30 right now and I don't really think that's worth it and now the three gigabyte 10 60 s main competitor is the RX 470 and I do think that 10 60 edges out the 470 just by a tad bit the 470 however is a 4 gigabyte video card so just weigh what you want I personally think that 10 60 is a bit better with some of the Nvidia exclusive features like shadow play but the 470 is also a very capable video card and the battle between the 1060 and the 470 is probably just going to end with if you want an AMD video card or an Nvidia video card finally the last two video cards have been out for little while number two the gigabyte geforce gtx 1070 is available for four hundred and thirty dollars this is an 8 gigabyte video card and an absolute beast whether you're gaming at 1440p or 1080p this GPU just destroys games now at 1440p it does become a bit more of a struggle a lot of the games will dip down to 50 to 55 frames per second if you want to consistent 60fps maxing out every game I would recommend playing games at 1080p I personally have a 1070 and I do game at 1440p but I am a bit more lenient with dipping frames and I don't always need a completely consistent 60 frames per second but I know a lot of you guys do like that whatever resolution you play I just know that the 1070 is one of the best video cards on the market it's one of the best selling video cards on the market for a reason it performs really well and it does come at a hefty price but you're getting what you pay for I should mention that the gtx 980ti has been coming in and out of stock and going down it to as low as three hundred and fifty dollars if you guys can find the 980 TI in stock dad GPUs performance is comparable to the 1070 and in a lot of cases that 980 TI is a lot cheaper than the 1070 currently as I'm recording this video I did not find any 980ti Zin stock for a decent price so the 1070 is a better option at this very moment but obviously things change all the time so just keep your eyes open and finally number one the gigabyte gtx 1080 is available for 650 dollars the 1080 is obviously a monster of a video car this GP if you're buying it I would really recommend to be gaming out 1440p because this can handle a lot of games at that resolution even at Ultra wide this GPU does really well out of a buddy with the 1080 and he plays all his games an ultra wide and it just runs really well I don't think I have to talk about the 1080 too much I have a lot of benchmarks with this GPU on my channel it's a very expensive video card but it's expensive for a reason it's for the top-of-the-line gamers those that want to play at the highest resolutions on the highest end games with the highest frames that's who the 1080 is being catered towards now there are rumors of a 1080 TI being released so if you buy a 1080 right now you might get burned in the future but obviously you can't wait forever for GPUs to be released comparatively to all the other video cards in the market right now the 1080 while it is expensive is going to give you insane performance so that's going to wrap up this video guys hope you enjoyed like I said a very awkward time to be buying a video card gpus going out of stock gpus coming back in stock for a little bit prices all over the place just a very awkward time but if you keep your eyes open you can find some great deals and there still are some very good options I just hope in video releases the 1050 soon and I hope the RX 480 becomes more readily available so the 470 will go down in price if the 470 becomes like a $170 video card that GP would just be awesome right now I just don't think it's completely amazing but I'm just rambling at this point as always guys thanks for watching if you like this video hit the like button if not you can hit the dislike button if you have a request for a future video you can leave that in the comment section down below and I will catch you guys in the next one peace out

50 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Graphics Cards for the Money September 2016”

  1. I wouldn't recommend a 1070 as it's not a budget friendly card, I'd rather have the 1050 TI or the 1060 6GB which can easily max out all current triple A games easily at over 60fps at 1080p resolution. If I have the dough, I'd rather go with the 1080 than the 1070 anytime which is far more powerful and the price difference is almost in comparison between the 1060 and 1070.

  2. Hey everyone! What would be the best used card for gaming at 720p 50-60 fps? I would like to run latest games such as Prey, Assassins Creed Syndicate and Just Cause 3? My budget is also quite small at less than 100 dollars

  3. These new video cards aren't really worth. My brother has got a GTX 770 and it runs Witcher 3 60FPS at ultra graphics + shadowplay + Steam broadcast.

  4. you could just dedicate more gb to make the game run faster (as well it depends what processor that u get) my build is in my channel desc and if you see it its only about 400-650 dollars

  5. I'm just now getting into PC gaming. I got an upgradable pc for free from a family member and then I found a GTX 750 ti on craigslist for $20. I am loving this! this setup out performs my xbox 360 🙂

  6. I still think RX 480 is better than the 1060 , the drivers for Nvdia gcards are cancer and not always working 100%. Just updated my card already 3 times last month and still somr problems pop out.

  7. I dont know if it i just me, but 30 fps? That is fucking cancer. I am very picky with my framerates, and i would rather have my game run smooth and at the same time look like minecraft. 60 does not even do it for me. I want to see something that looks like 80-120 before even considering it viable. I once played rust on lowest settings and 800×600 resolution to achieve the framerate i wanted.

  8. You forgot the RX480 and i dont know why you take the RX470 with 4GB??? I got a MSI RX470 with 8GB and i play EVERYTHING on highest settings posible. For example Ark runs on highest setting with over 60fps.

  9. gtx 1060 3gb can be found for 170$ on sale with rebates or on jet dot com. fills that price niche very well. always gotta take your time and look for deals. used 290s and 970s are also an option if you don't care about warranties.

  10. I would buy the gtx 1060 6gb, it is enough to play gta 5, witcher 3, and more games like crisis 3, they will run at 60 fps or more.


    How does this pc look for the price, I'm new to this so any feedback would be appreciated

  12. Ok, I'm tied between Rx 470 and gtx 1060, I have been using an ancient Radeon 7800 for a few years and need an upgrade, what should I pick?

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