50 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Graphics Mod – GTA San Andreas”

  1. The dream is for Rockstar to completely remaster Vice City, San Andreas, IV, and maybe even V in the Red Dead 2 level of graphics.

  2. MMGE and renderhook is my favorites. SA_directx 2.0 is very bright, it looks like the ground is always wet

  3. If rockstar releases the game with renderhook features better polygon and textures and add online and rework animations and physics and call it remake I will throw my money

  4. MMGE 3 and DirectX 2 looks too bright and not really realistic if you think about it. Real life environment don't shine that much. I think the best one from this list is RenderHook, both realistic and good looking. Also, I expected "V Graphics" mod as number one, i think it is best looking AND most realistic GTA SA graphic mod ever made.

  5. Render hook looks the best in my opinion , GTA SA DX 2.0 is good but so much reflection Jesus , and mmg is just reflection with sharp shadows .

  6. no 1 is not realistic,who would want to see a wet floor all the time i only want the floor whet when after rain storms or if a fireman makes the road wet still sht wet over wet!

  7. I wish I could use these mods. I, I just can't buy a good computer mods. Saving these mods for future. Haha

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