Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones | You Need to See

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones | You Need to See

[Applause] I dunno on break Franco Square people's there's no plastic typically display used glasses but it was a nice glass Rosalie has glasses it's just plastic big Marcus premonition sights resolution I think last year yes amazing vivid color Emily has a lot of advantages people collar beeping angles and faster responses how much the battery consumption far has been really good best true this much more of bass improved in hearts compel you know previous we first started with a lot of different types of concepts and designs and after a lot of iterations and testing and vetting we really kind of narrowed it down to two designs which was a large and a small and before you knew that the portal was born we needed to ensure that it was not only waterproof but also flexible shatterproof and where we needed to build a team of incredible people with the wide range of skill sets who are all unified to pursue our mission and break the mold in the mobile market the problem with the mobile market right now is that the phones are all the same and what little differentiation they have is that some are less user-friendly and some are less durable things like this still happen so we're here to change that with the vibrant pallets clean typography and easy to understand icon set the portal UI is an experience it cannot be missed why be stuck with the same old design when you've got a new refreshing interface to play with an interface that hurts to interact that knows what you want and works with you in the way that you want it to work the portal not only has all the features you would expect such as Wi-Fi Bluetooth and NFC but also has a waterproof kevlar infused polyurethane body a six inch flexible display wireless charging an unlocked network and so much more you

44 thoughts on “Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones | You Need to See”

  1. When does the dick cell phone come out? I already touch that so I might as well check email while im doing it.

  2. The world is changing fast damn we humans come along way this why school was invited or else none of this would have never been posible

  3. The new apple phone has got big downfalls it would be really hard to touch would it be real if it was hard I am sorry the floors would that be is the the sound vibrations and the sound Up and down of how much sound it has

  4. I think the bracelet is kind of cool, but it would have to be extremely reasonably priced which I doubt it will be.

  5. 0:35 i have some concerns
    how can u take pictures
    what if ur arms not big enough
    what if your arm starts to ache
    how do u get wifi

  6. This first one is special efect becuz they say its coming soon how did they have it already it shoulf be just animation DUMBASS

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