TOP 6 Most Convincing GHOST Images Ever Captured (NEW Image never seen before!)

TOP 6 Most Convincing GHOST Images Ever Captured (NEW Image never seen before!)

those stories have become part of our lives and yet we still don't have solid proof of whether they really exist or not the following set of images might just change that and stay tuned for number one is it's from my personal collection and has never been shared until now these are the six most convincing ghost images ever captured number six Brown Lady of Raynham Hall considered for a time as one of the most famous hauntings in Great Britain the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall remains familiar to many people owned by the Townsend family random Hall became a home of Charles Townsend in 1713 he was known for having a fiery temper and ended up marrying Dorothy Walpole who was a sister of Britain's first prime minister Robert Walpole it was to be the second marriage with Townsend and Dorothy's first but rumors began to spread of how Dorothy was once the lover of Lord Wharton a royal playboy enraged Charles supposedly locked Dorothy and ran them all forbidding her to leave and telling everyone that she had died even went as far as holding a mock funeral for her but secretly she was a prisoner inside the hall until her death from smallpox in 1726 the first sighting of the brown lady was in 1835 during Christmas celebrations when a guest of the hall proclaimed seeing a lady dressed in brown another man said the same thing and that as he approached her she turned around and as he described at a glowing face where I should have been there were only empty sockets a year later a friend of Charles Dickens Captain Frederick Marriott stayed at random hall to disprove the rumors that it was haunted but instead he saw the brown lady walked past a corridor and stopped on her own accord right by the door with a captain was standing he held up his lamp only to find the lady grinning a malicious and diabolical manner he was so infuriated he grabbed a revolver and fired a shot straight to her face she instantly disappeared in the bullet lodged itself on the inner door on the opposite side of the hall but it was the experience of captain probe ond and Endre sheera that would solidify her legacy in paranormal lore the two captured the most famous image of the brown lady while they were at random hall on assignment for Country Life magazine they were preparing for a shot of the staircase when injury felt an unnatural presence and asked the captain to take the shot immediately he did and when they developed the film they realized they had captured the brown lady yourself descending from the staircase the same image was published in Country Life Magazine in 1936 too much amazement even today weaves many people wondering how exactly such an image can exist unless ghosts do too number 5 spirit after an accident the human soul is an abstract concept for many but what if it's real and what if what we see as ghosts is simply a remnant of this these questions and more gain huge traction after a man captured what seems to be the soul escaping from the body Sall Vasquez is a truck driver who came across an accident scene on a Tuesday evening while he was on highway 15 near Stanton Kentucky like most observers who were stuck in traffic because of the accident he couldn't help but watch as the police and ambulance responded to the scene he decided to snap a photo using a smartphone from his truck and to his surprise he captured something unexpected he uploaded the unusual image to Facebook and by the next morning the picture gone viral granny shot shows the accident with ambulances and people huddled around what looks to be the victim right above the state trooper in between the ambulance and close to the trees you can make out a distinct white human-shaped figure it seems to be hovering above the victim's body so could this actually be his soul escaping police reports did say that the accident involved only one victim he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was officially pronounced dead but may have actually passed away at the scene whoever or whatever the entity Vasquez managed to capture is there's no doubt it's a strange and unusual sight number four the pink lady of green Castle today the O'Hare mansion no longer exists this luxurious mansion in Greenfield Indiana has been demolished to make way for a cornfield even though the physical structure is no longer there it still remains the scene to one of the most convincing captured ghost images ever guy winter's along with a few friends thought it would be interesting to visit the abandoned mansion and hunt down ghosts manche was built in the 1800s and has been called home by the O'Hair family and their descendants for centuries eventually they left the building abandoned and the home is only accessible through a single driveway that evening almost every person in guy's group experienced something paranormal while exploring the place it's all cold spots and even caught a ghostly vapor on camera passing through the hallway guy himself took pictures all over including the upstairs where he was the only one brave enough to check out he recalled feeling a bit uneasy while taking the pictures including a pulsing in his head he didn't notice anything else unusual that is until he had the pictures developed on various frames guy caught what appears to be several possible ghosts the first was a lady captured through the bay window of the mansion she's dubbed as the gold lady because of the golden glow she's emanating however the second set of images was even more convincing through the backdoor way a translucent figure of a woman in pink can be seen what's fascinating is that she was capturing three consecutive frames that guy snapped further examination of the film shows the figure shows up in the negatives and was not superimposed or manipulated on there guy came forward with his images and soon a descendant of the O'Hair's reached out saying she might know the identity of the lady they captured a woman named Mary said the pink lady was her mother Irene O'Hair it's also a bedroom window where she was captured staring back at the photographer expert analysis of the film show very distinct skull like shape emanating from the figure and the negatives which they say makes tampering with the images next to impossible number three the wedding-day ghost if the paranormal experts are to be believed goes off and visit their family members particularly during special occasions the capturing one on your wedding day is a whole new level a reader named Liz sent this photo to Stephan Wagner who runs a popular paranormal page on asking what he thought about the picture she shares that the image had been passed on for generations in her family that I was taking on her aunts wedding day in 1942 using a box camera the image shows a couple smiling in an outdoor scene nothing seems out of the ordinary until you look closely in the background towards the right side of the picture right there in the tree you'll see a distinctive figure floating towards the – when you see it for the first time and realize it's there it's quite shocking the ghost seems to be floating toward the couple with an extremely menacing look enough to make you step back could this really be a ghost haunting the couple perhaps a deceased relative who doesn't approve of their holy union Wagner offered his idea on what the image portrays he says if it's not a clever hoax then it could be an extraordinary example of pareidolia where you would sign form and figure two unique shadow shapes if it's not that then it could just be a genuine ghost number two what conver Mia's ghost it was 1891 Lord Combermere had just died and his funeral was taking place several miles from home amateur photographer Sybil Corbett thought it was a great time to take a photo of the interior of the abbey without being disturbed by a lot of activity the members including most of the servants were after all attending the funeral she set up her camera inside the conv mir abbey library where she rigged it for a long exposure hoping to take advantage of the lovely natural light that flowed in from the windows the abbey itself had been around since 11:33 it was built by monks to the interior detail of the room in the home of the photographers paradise however Corbett would capture more than a gorgeous beauty of the room when she developed the film she was surprised and shocked that she had captured what looks like to be a man sitting in a chair she showed it to people in the home and they said it could have been Lord Combermere himself visiting his house one last time to sit in his favorite chair in the image you can clearly make out a torso and also an arm skeptics say that because of the long exposure it's possible someone from the house not realizing a picture is being taken sad for some time on the chair without Corbett or any other seeing them however most of the staff had tested they were at the funeral and corporate herself informed those in the home that she was taking the photograph it was not to be bothered Lord Combermere is ghost or not whoever was sitting on that chair has created a truly memorable and frightening image number one Waverly Hills goes this last one is 100% real meaning it wasn't doctored and very scary for that exact reason last spring I went to go store down in Savannah Georgia at the old Sorel Tweed house it was a slow night there and so the only people on the tour were my wife and I and a middle-aged couple named Mark and Liz the toy lasted several hours so we got a chance to get to know them similar to us they enjoyed checking out haunted places and we're avid ghost hunters but we're not all that serious about it more curious than anything else they've been to many places all around the country and taken lots of videos and pictures and sound recordings so naturally I asked them if they had ever caught anything and that's when Liz told me the one place they actually captured something was at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium if you want all the details about Waverly Hills then you can check out our top five most disturbingly haunted asylums and hospitals video let's where we did a segment on it but briefly Waverly Hills was a huge sanatorium built in the early 1900's in Kentucky that mainly housed tuberculosis patients the place is overcrowded and there were many horror stories as to the mistreatment of patients nearly 9,000 people died and there while it functioned to dispose of the bodies conveniently they built what is now called the body chute it was essentially a slide that ran to the basement where bodies would literally pile up before being disposed of so when Liz and Mark visited they were able to go down to the basement and that's where they took a lot of pictures they said when you're taking photos about ghost hunting you want to refrain from using the flash as it can cause light reflections and wash out what is potentially there to capture so about a week after I returned from the trip there's emailed me the picture and when I opened it up I was amazed she had taken the picture and an almost completely pitch-black hallway deep down in the basement the only light source is in the background which is coming from the body shoots butts opening was on the floor above the near window clearly there appears to be two people standing and looking towards them I lightened it up a bit to see as much detail as I could the one on the right side looks like it's wearing some sort of gown which would make sense since patients then often wore medical gowns until this every picture of a ghost I'd seen was on a show or on the Internet which makes it hard to grasp just how real it is this was the first photo that I had ever received from someone I knew personally that showed what looks like ghosts I was completely floored when I saw it and thought you guys would appreciate seeing it too so there were the six most convincing ghost images ever captured if ghosts are in fact living among us and by their very definition there will never be evidence of their existence but with these pictures the thousands of stories and a little bit of faith it's very hard to deny that they aren't real if you like this video then please remember to subscribe to our Channel and each Sunday will bring you a new scary mystery to enjoy thanks for tuning in I'll see you next week

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  1. When I lived in Louisville I went to Waverly often. It's one creep building. Never seen anything myself but some very unusual things did happen in my experiences there. Was also lucky enough to go to a metal festival there where some unusual things happened as well

  2. The Captain wasn’t fucking playing. Shot some rock salts to the head like dem Supernatural boys. Git outta here fuckin ghost bitch.

  3. I just found this gem…. πŸ˜€πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’šπŸŒŽπŸŒπŸ”₯πŸŒΌπŸ€˜πŸ€™πŸ‘πŸ––

  4. You have the perfect voice for story telling and I love it. Thank u for sharing you're own experience as well. That's when it gets real when u have your own personal encounter. 😊

  5. My daughter and a few of her friends sneaked into the Waverly Hills Sanatorium at midnight one day. She said with the creaks, groans and shadows she was never more scared in her life. She wasn’t sure whether she saw a ghost or not.

  6. I sure would like to know if there can be life after death . Especially after religion fucked up belief in it .

  7. What about the photo of the Black Monk of Newby Church? That photo still gives me chills every time I see it.

  8. I thought it was the blue lady not brown lmao well at least she was in the wright colours to die in it will hide the brown rain

  9. Okay, that was awesome!!! I appreciate the last one. I believe but then so many pictures and videos these days are fake. So glad I found your channel!! Love it.

  10. If I was armed I probably would have done the same damn thing πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ I'd have shot first and then asked wtf was that πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ€·

  11. Waverly does tours of the death chute, where there can be actual people in various places along the path. It probably is a 100% real photo of 100% real living humans.

  12. I was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky, so I have been to Waverly Hills so many times I can't count. I have some great evidence myself of just how haunted it truly is. I'll be posting some videos and pictures to your Facebook page. I have captured full bodied appreciations, shadow figures, EVPs, and saddest of all, the children that's souls are stuck there. It's awful to think of how many unrested souls roam the halls of that place, but it's a garentee if your looking for the paranormal, this is by far the place to see.

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