what do we have here special delivery could you guess what's inside that is right my friends and exclusive first unboxing of the Huawei P 20 P 20 pro and the new porsche design mate RS right up here like a triple camera never seen it in an actual smartphone until right now one two three four first up this is the p20 the fingerprint sensor remains on the front this is your first look at the display and you can see they've implemented a notch scenario like some other manufacturers but they were able to shrink it down smaller than the others that I've currently seen this visual identifier on the power switch I like that you see this is the black color dual camera like a set up over here but it does come in another color as well midnight blue and this one is vibrant my goodness what do you think about this color near jack holy smokes all right so that's midnight blue black and there's also a pink gold version that will be available quick charge power brick type-c cable a headset also a type c2 mini jack connector next up the pro version we have black and another color called twilight 128 gigabytes of storage and 6 gigabytes of RAM an actual triple layout on the back that is pretty wild so the non pro version is five point eight inches of screen space the pro is six point one inches on the non pro version you're getting an LCD display and then on the pro you step up to an OLED display let's check this one out okay this is called Twilight and this one is apparently all the height this thing color shifts from blue to purple on the back this unique color kind of extends into the aluminum frame as well this is not standard metallic aluminum it has a tint to it which matches the color shift of the back that is a nice looking phone along with the larger display and the slightly bigger form factor you get a bigger battery on the pro as well if four thousand milliamp hour battery and then on the non pro you're gonna get thirty four hundred million hours but you've also got what Huawei is calling the highest resolution selfie camera on any phone 24 megapixels on the selfie camera is that what we're doing now huh 40 megapixel in the rear sheesh aperture portrait photo video pro now if you select more here there's a slow motion function up to 960 frames per second also a night shot mode for enhanced performance in low light here we go selfie camera couple of pixels in there let's try some stage lighting real quick I'll go and get myself in there dramatic the drama let's try standard one-to-one Wow show them the beard hairs Jack look at the eyeball let's move to the rear camera here guys this is insane when you go into the settings for the rear camera you have a choice between 7 megapixels 10 megapixels and 40 megapixels 72 96 by 54 72 this camera is gonna try to use its AI features to determine what an object is before you take the photo to optimize the settings for that particular object so if I take this prop that's a cold that's a cold coca-cola also gonna have a bokeh enabled mode where it searches for the edge in order to blur out the background we're bringing in the plant greenery it knows boom that's a shot guys they're not messing around here this device can apparently see far more scenes than even the mate ten could do so now there's nineteen and there used to be thirteen before that they can do cat dog food blue sky flowers natural colours close up night shot Jack just brought an old slice of pizza what kind of savage wouldn't put it on a plate food delicious food it said ah now another one that I think is cool is actually the text-mode it finds the edges of the box as well you get this really clear image which is flat these look delicious did you bring these Finn oh I got it food these are the almond or the pizza in the background there okay now let's talk a little bit about the video mode the different resolutions available up to 4k slo-mo there we go slo-mo lets you record slow-motion videos with no length limit super slow-mo lets you record short videos at 32 X slow-motion or 960 fps 1 BAM now why does everything look good in super slo-mo let's give the fingerprint scanner a test boom a quick one you have a 40 megapixel RGB camera with an F 1.8 aperture then a 20 megapixel monochrome f-16 that's gonna help out in low-light situations and then an 8 megapixel telephoto at F 2.4 together this gives you the opportunity to zoom up to 5x optically so no digital zoom and no quality loss few more specs on the display here this is 20 to 40 by 1080 for a PPI just over 400 horsepower is provided by the Kirin 974 both of these devices the pro and non pro and both of these devices are gonna ship with Android 8.1 so another advantage of going pro versus non Pro you're gonna step up to I P 67 certification so it's gonna be a little bit more water resisting a little bit more durable ok so last but not least we have before design huawei mate RS you see the device right there Porsche design on the bottom a special headset couple of different international chargers and also a case genuine leather case very important gotta be genuine the same three camera setup as the p20 pro the design is different so you have these in the center of the chassis a fingerprint scanner here too now this model is also capable of wireless charging the porsche design wireless charger to go with it this little puck here have the entire setup so here's what it looks like with the case install that's a look oh my goodness look at that if you're gonna do a case so there you have it the p20 p20 pro and the porsche design huawei mate RS unveiled here exclusively on unbox therapy


  1. I wasn't able to show off the software on the Porsche Design Mate 10 RS as the version in the video was pre-release software. I'll try to make a more in-depth video feature the Mate RS after final software is released. STAY TUNED!

  2. to be real its more suspicious to have a god damn suitcase delivering phones, then in a grocery store bag

  3. The twilight phone doesn't color shifts it's just 1 color on the top and the other on the bottom

  4. I went to google and searched, "Where does Lew from Unbox Therapy buy his hoodies?" but got nothing

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