now this is exciting take a look here I mean you all know when you see a briefcase like this it's got to be important it's a type of briefcase you would carry something top-secret this briefcase was sent to me by Huawei that means new smartphone I need much more than intro than that let's do that one more time oh this always brings me back to the briefcase in Pulp Fiction to be honest so no we were watching Pulp Fiction yesterday [Applause] this my friend is the brand-new Huawei mate 10 Pro and the exclusive limited edition Porsche design may 10 this is the first time I've seen these this is the first time you've seen these of course there's been leaks and rumors but now we have the official units let's jump inside so we're gonna kick it off with the mate 10 Pro but make sure to stick around to the end because I'm gonna unbox that one also alright so there it is you can see that the bezel like some other devices has shrunk down giving you this enhanced screen to body ratio bronze mocha color to it look at this whoa it's got this sort of reflective back to it fingerprint sensor is here in the centre and above that is a dual lens camera system this here is in conjunction with Leica the legendary camera manufacturer summa Lux 11.6 so f 1.6 aperture on both lenses that's a relatively large aperture in fact it's a very large aperture and what that's gonna give you a better low-light performance and it will also create that shallow depth of field that you're used to seeing in high-end smartphone photos there's also a flash on the back here a speaker grille as well as a USB type-c port SIM card tray on this side we have a power switch as well as the volume rocker now they did something here that I'm very happy about add a little bit of texture to the power switch there are fewer missed presses in your pocket when you're reaching for volume this is a six inch OLED display a quick charge power brick alright you got to have quick charge these days this one has it a USB type-c cable you can see there also a headset here a USB type-c headset so it will plug in to the same port that you use to charge they include a case to get you up and running that's kind of nice look at that honestly not bad this device is water resistant it is ip67 certified okay so here's what the device looks like booted up here we go is now like I feel like I need to give you a little bit of background we're down here what's going on this speaker on the bottom the low end and most of the volume is coming out but then there's a little bit of high end in clarity coming out of the earpiece collectively it sounds good look at this hear that that's low-end having this earpiece the higher end the treble and so on it acts as better clarity firing at you for dialogue for watching videos on YouTube and then this bottom one for music enhances the musical aspect by adding back in that low-end that you wouldn't normally have on a phone so I think that's kind of cool I just noticed it alright the cameras so the way this works is there's data captured by both in fact one of the sensors is monochrome the reason for this is to enhance low-light performance essentially what this means for you is you can combine the data from both to create a better overall image that kind of portrait look that out-of-focus that D focused region to draw your eyes to the center of the frame look at will has will ever looked better the background in real life is it was nowhere near that blurry so Jack if I just have my hand over here I want you to look right above there it doesn't assume anything specials going on right my hands no big deal if all of a sudden I frame up this plant here watch that spot you see what happened there that plant logo came up the AI built into this phone is able to distinguish the type of object you're taking a photo of automatically adjust settings to best suit that type of object it enhanced the vibrancy of the plant there of the green now let's say I sub in this power brick here which has some text on it boom immediately it distinguishes that it's text that I want to take a photo up listen we all know what you like to do on your social media scene your Instagram you want to take the picture your fancy food I had Ryan for Perry a gourmet dish does it qualify as food oh right away jack you saw that right comes right up optimized for scenario food you can take send someone take this away let's say you're a bit of a photographer and you like to dive in and manipulate your settings manually you can still do that simply pull up everything from ISO your shutter speed of course your white balance you can set to auto they call it pro mode a wide aperture mode a portrait mode a moving-picture mode and of course video as well Wow look at that AFS AFC and manual focus you can actually manual focus on this phone by default also video stabilization resolution for video UHD 4k sixteen by nine or you can pick a 1080p mode which has a higher frame rate at 60fps Beauty level five let's flip the camera around with the complexion of a princess look at that alright now one of the cool things about this device is it can connect to an external display and when I plug it in it prompts me to switch to desktop mode you can see it will pop up in either of the two modes either as a projection of the phone modes a real time readout go into landscape mode boom or as a complete desktop experience which you can see it's loading here look at that and then you can go ahead and connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and interact with it much like a desktop computer or you can use the phone to become a touch control panel kind of like a touchpad and you can see I can move my cursor around with this so let's take a closer look at the specs here we've got six gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage as I mentioned 2160 by 1080p we can see we're running Android 8.0 the CPU this is a new one it's running the karin 970 now that's an 8 core cpu with a 12 core GPU built into it Huawei is stating that there's gonna be some enhanced efficiency as well utilizing the AI capabilities apparently the phone's gonna get to know you and then be able to make adjustments as it sees fit for power consumption needs and so on but all that processing is gonna happen locally on the phone so it doesn't need to be sent to the cloud alright now I did not forget about the Porsche design version of the may 10 I'm excited for this one because it's limited you have a special card in their authentic device designed by Huawei and porsche design porsche design is more than just the vehicle whoa you have a stripe going down as opposed to a cross so there's the mate 10 and there's the mate 10 for SH design the fingerprint sensor is blacked out also the trim around the camera lenses has changed ever so slightly it's a polished black as opposed to the chrome look on the mate 10 Pro so this is the ceramic look here crazy reflective in fact look at that unboxing layout right there we have a black headset to match the Porsche design we have 2 power bricks two cables type-c to type a you're a traveling man you get two cables instead of one with the Porsche version alright so there you have it the porsche design mate 10 from huawei limited edition the mate 10 pro in this mocha color here there it is the latest from Huawei unveiled here on unbox therapy


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  2. People: Iphones have the best camera! Android sucks!

    Huawei (the amazing android phone): hold my beer

  3. Me: Sees unboxing an smartphone Nah
    Me: Sees unboxing an SECRET smartphone… Hell yah!!

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