20 thoughts on “TRUMP IMPEACHMENT: Rep. Nancy Pelosi Announces Drafting Of Articles Of Impeachment Against Preside”

  1. Trump will not get impeached the Lord Jesus Christ as in church all the evil people will be removed from office the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I send prayers to President Trump

  2. So the dems now respect those slave holding old white men, otherwise known as "the Founding Fathers"? So the "people" are the "kings" Nancy? Does that include the "deplorables"?

  3. Trump is totally ignorant of our history our government, of basic human relations. He is not presidential in any way. But instead an embarrassment to our country. Impeach and remove.

  4. the Feudal Queen of San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi. her majesty needs to what is going on in San Francisco. where rot, blight, homelessness persist. you talk about tyranny when people are thrown out of their homes and apartment

  5. moron on the left wing news show failed to mention why trump wants a trail in the senate. also fails to mention impeachment dies on the senate floor. all ready been said.

  6. Taking cues from TIME magazines's KING ME cover Nancy Pelosi references the Dec Of Indp.
    When Nancy Pelosi is no longer representing her district which has been an ATM machine for at least two decades, then and only then will residents mired in filth, crime have the proper representation. High Rent, High Taxes, inefficieny in Public Services, misguided compassion, and Nostalgia.
    In a nine block walk down Columbus Ave I heard well helled passersby with the new brag.
    See there by the Washbag. I almost was robbed there. See the Ellen Hitchcock Coit monument. I was nearly mugged there. Nancy has been the Queen for a long time. Evidently the KPIX team has the ability to pole vault over turds. If they don't then before make up and hairfluffing footing will alternate as a horse with the Thrush.

  7. These clowns are criminals & guilty as we are now clearing up the WH…Pelosi is a hypocrite and corrupt to hide their international connects! Don't be a blind sheep – CA is being destroyed now if u don't see it already !

  8. She needs to impeach herself if she cant remove Trump this is getting old now. Dont even give a shit about this its going no where

  9. Quit talkin about our founders you dems. Y'all are communist and socialist . They were patriots, and you want to take away our Second Amendment. Liberals don't even belong in the same sentence with our founders.

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