Trump’s Letter To Comey: The Rough Drafts

Trump’s Letter To Comey: The Rough Drafts

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76 thoughts on “Trump’s Letter To Comey: The Rough Drafts”

  1. Maybe Vlad was annoyed at how his investment in Marine LePen didn't work out so he had to go back to asserting himself in America again

  2. I honestly feel bad for trump supporters, they had no idea who they were electing. They really screwed over the American people, and Trump is not making American great again, he's actually making it worse. smh

  3. People saying I feel bad for trump supporters…. Stop lying to yourself because they have no guilt whatsoever….
    Because they don't appear on social media most often doesn't mean they are fucking butthurt or anything you Cunts
    (not a trump supporter! BTW)

  4. This assumes Trump actually writes drafts himself, which actually is a better joke than any of the drafts (except maybe the Russian one)

  5. I feel like there's a lack of russian speaking people in the US to consult, bc american TV and movie industries always mess up in translation. In TV series "Shooter" they already managed to f**k up Ukraininan smh

  6. 6 people disliked this. Putin, Trump, Spicer, Conway, Flynn and one representative from Fox and friends.

  7. The Russian letter actually says something like "me stop you because Vladimir Putin said me", it's google translated

  8. The "Vladimir Poodle."  Love it!!    Just  Add:  " Sorry this is so short, but I'm meeting with the Russians later ….Cumbaya,  Donnie Trump"

  9. the Dislikes are up to TEN!

    … I can't believe trump got Nine staffers to lend him their devices …

  10. Flip-flop-flip-flop

    11/2/16: Sen. Schumer (D-NY) said he “does not have confidence in Comey any longer”.
    5/9/17: Sen. Schumer (D-NY) said “every American will rightly suspect that the decision to fire Director Comey was part of a cover-up.”

  11. Я прекращаю вас, потому что Владимир Путин сказал мне.
    I stop you, because Vladimir Putin told me.

  12. What a bunch of hypocrites liberals are.  They accused Comey of losing the Election for Hillary Clinton.  LOL.  Now they are whining (typically) that Comey got fired.  Clinton got off (again) and she is more upset with losing the election than she is about her lying, cheating, womanizing thing she calls a "husband".  I don't think Colbert is too intelligent since all his opening monologue and his whole show is built around Trump.  Better yet, he probably wouldn't have a show if his heroine Clinton won because heaven forbid he diss the most saintly person on the planet.  Liberals (1) hate an idea unless they come up with it and (2) love to spend my money that I earn and tell me I am selfish if I want to keep some of it.

  13. Hey, you! Don't disrespect my president. Don't you know it's very hard doing two jobs at once. By day my president is pretending to give a shit about this country, by night he's busy pleasuring Putin. Cut him a break, will ya?

  14. will this be enough tho? can america start a normal life soon? or will the rest of the world keep pretending we want a second date.. and then run off laughing

  15. besides all the comedy and fun made about trump since he's president………. it's shamefully unbelievable that someone can still go on, with no accountability, responsabilty, or consequences…….
    the guy betrayes the country, shits on the constitution, makes apologia of nepotism, etc, etc…….
    all of this, under democracy (so called at least)…….
    this goes far beyond what a democracy of the free and developed world can stand

  16. Hehe… the slightly more native way to say that in Russian would be "Я вас увольняю по приказу президента Путина."

  17. there's even something creepy about 45s signature. its like a hard, manic seismic there's aggression behind it. meanwhile remember 44s? all round & friendly. so opposite. does anyone study handwriting?

  18. Oh my God it's real… America has been overthrown and literally almost 100% of the people know it… I'm scared for real. Momma

  19. Я прекращаю вас, потому что Владимир Путин сказал мне.
    искренне for those that want the russian to lookup yourself

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