Turning My Subscribers Into Cartoons | Using Procreate

Turning My Subscribers Into Cartoons | Using Procreate

today I am trying something I have not
tried before this could go amazingly well or epically awfully but either way
I’m gonna give it a shot and I’m gonna film it so let’s go I have
an idea in my head of the style I want to draw in and it’s not a style I’ve
necessarily drawn in before so I figured this is a fun way to involve you guys
and also a fun way for me to practice and also if you’re watching this video
and you aren’t already subscribed to my channel please press the subscribe
button it’s 100% free for you to do and it helps me out a lot and I’m very close
to fifty thousand subscribers so that would be wonderful first person I’m
going to draw is Grace and grace has as you can see kind of mid length blonde
brown ombre ish kind of hair with glasses let’s just try shall we I don’t
really have any direction I’m gonna go in I’m just gonna wing it that’s my
favorite thing to do you know just winging it it was at this precise point
that I pretty much stopped talking to the camera because I was heavily
concentrating on what I was doing so as you can see here I’m just sketching out
a rough idea of what I want grace to look like I did actually go on Instagram
and Pinterest for some ideas on how to draw cartoon style people because at
this point I quite frankly needed all the help I could get so yeah once I came
up with a basic idea I then how to tackle the glasses I think I actually
managed to do them okay and so as you can see I’m just using a mono line pen
tool it’s just in the calligraphy section on procreate if you’re
interested and then I’m just going around and doing a rough idea of where I
want the placement of the hair and the jaw line and kind of just the whole
drawing I don’t know but as you can see I’m moving things around
rubbing things out and it was a lot of trial and error once I get the eyes sorted I once again
reduce the opacity of the drawing and now I’m going over it with the final
lines so for the hair I’m using a brown colored pencil and then you’ll see that
for the skin I do the same for the glasses I’ll use Brown and for the lips I’ll
use like a dark pink shade just so when I color it in the lines don’t stand out
too much but it still looks like a cartoon so now it’s time to color
everything in so I’ve created a layer below everything and colored it in with
a skin colored shade and then I’m just going in for the whites of the eyes and
drawing the eye shape this was the bit that I found the hardest for this
drawing I was expecting it to be the glasses as usual but I just couldn’t get
the eyes right I kept having to go onto Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration
on how on earth to do these eyes so hopefully they look okay in the end
let me know what you think much like I did with the glasses
I actually just copy and pasted over the eye and then kind of flipped it over just
so I know they are completely symmetrical and I don’t have to try and
draw them again now I’m doing the mouth it took me a while to get this right I
think I did this vision and then rubbed it out like at least four times now I’m
just adding a little bit of shadow so I can give the face some definition so I’m
just going down the side of the face under the chin under the nose and I also
added some rosiness to the cheeks which I thought added a cute little touch
after drawing the details on her shirt it’s on to the hair so I’m using the
same principle I’m using the base color and then I’m getting a darker shade for
the shadows and the lighter shade for the highlights and of course she has the
ombre so I’m doing a little bit of like a mucky blonde on the bottom blend it in
a little bit and then try my best to replicate her hair there we go that is my final drawing of
grace I actually really really like that I’m really impressed with how that’s
turned out to say that’s the first ever time I’ve done a drawing like this so
that took me about three hours I’m gonna do like two more I think I’m gonna do
one guy and then do another girl and then hopefully if you guys are enjoying
this video I can use the other photos that I got sent and do it again I’m
actually super impressed with that and I think the hair is okay there’s
definitely room for improvement I’m not the best at hair like I said if you have
any tips please let me know but for now we’re gonna go on to the next person
it’s the next day I don’t have any makeup on today because I couldn’t be
bothered to put it on so you’re just gonna have to deal with that so today
I’m going to draw my wonderful pal Dorothy she has an absolute heart of
gold and she’s gorgeous so we’re gonna draw her today I’m gonna put a youtube
video on and I will set it to a time-lapse I figured yesterday I didn’t
actually speak to you that much so I will check in as and when I have an update
and here we are again in the sketching phase this time it didn’t actually take
me as long to do the sketching because I actually had an idea of what I wanted to
do so it was very happy about that but as you can see Dorothy has really really
long braided hair up in a high ponytail and I kinda used two photos of her to
reference there’s this one where you can see all of her hair and then the other
one is the one that I kind of based the final image from so once I’d got the
basic hair shape I flick back into the other image as you will see again once I’ve got a basic drawing down
I lower the opacity and I’ll draw over it again so I’m using a skin tone
colorful for the jawline and the neck and kind of the bottom of the drawing then again
I color it in I did this backwards again I’m not sure why I did it and then got
rid of it because I realized I needed to do the rest of the outlines I was
getting way ahead of myself so I’m using pretty much a black color on her hair
because obviously she has really dark hair and then I’ll go back in I’m using
a red for the outline of the little bobble and a dark pink kind of red shade
for her lips now onto the eyes and the kind of coloring I hopefully I’m getting
the hang of this at this point but I was just perfecting the shape I decided
to do some kind of lower liner and then add the lashes later on this looks so
creepy when it’s not got the pupil of the eye in it oh my god I really don’t
like that anyway I’m gonna let you get on watching this so I’m just gonna do
the eye like I did before duplicate it over and then do the
details color everything in and get on to the shadows how beautiful is that pop of red on her
eyes I love it oh my god though this nose ring took me forever to get the
hang of we’re now on the final stretch you can hang in there guys thanks so
much for sticking by me and watching this video I really appreciate it but as
usual I’m just coloring in the base color and then I’ll use a dark shade and
the lighter shade to add a little bit of definition but first onto the shadows
and the details so I’m just adding some kind of collarbone shadow and some near the eyes and just deepening up anything I’ve already added
and then going in with the hair trying to do these braids I think they turned
out okay again let me know what you think I was trying not to do too much
because obviously I do want to keep it simple and cartoon-like but I wanted to
represent the fact that she has the braids in because they just look so good
so I don’t know I think I got there in the end but
I also added the little kind of cuff things that she had in them they
probably have a proper name but I thought that was really cool and made it
even more personal so here I am just drawing the little cuffs which was a
cute little finishing touch and this is the final cartoon drawing I
actually love this one I think this could possibly be my favorite one I
didn’t actually film an end clip for this because I was still drawing it at
half 11 in the evening I’m really happy with how it turned out I think I’m kind
of obsessed with these drawings now and yeah let’s get on to the third and final
one it’s day three we’re on to the final drawing and this is going to be a boy I
wanted to make sure I was drawing a guy to try and mix things up and make sure I
am practicing all kinds of people I will say though don’t know how I’m gonna do
the beard so this is Yuki and his girlfriend actually volunteered his face
for me to draw for this final one so thank you very much I actually forgot to
record me doodling this but that doodle looked very very dodgy so you’ll see
that I kind of vaguely follow the guidelines but just do it completely
differently so yeah again trying to tackle the glasses not even the best
time still hate drawing glasses but I think
we got there in the end and then to be honest it’s the same process as before
so I am gonna speed it up even more and leave you in peace with some nice music
watching this final drawing there we go that’s it that is all the
drawings done that took me so much longer than I thought it was going to
but I actually really really like how they’ve all turned out the one I’m not
too sure on is the final one the one with the guy because I’m not sure I’ve
quite mastered the art of drawing beards so if anyone out there has any tips on
drawing a cartoon beard let me know I tried to like search things on Instagram
but nothing was coming up and most of the things coming up were girls
so yeah that’s something I definitely need to work on but I really enjoyed
doing that so yeah if you enjoyed this video please do give it a thumbs up that
really helps me out and also subscribe to my channel if you aren’t already we are
so close to 50,000 subscribers and that is my goal for this year to hit 50,000
so help me out if you can thank you so much for watching once again and I’ll
see you soon for another video bye

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  1. Great drawings Alice , i learnt a lot from your procreate tutorial . Love your prints on soul+fire , haven't bought anything yet , waiting till I get paid . ❤️

  2. These are soooo great, I love the illustration style. I think the beard is pretty spot on. My beard would drive you nuts 🤣

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