Understanding the FACE: Wrinkles!

Understanding the FACE: Wrinkles!

Ooicho? It’s called something different here? this part is bending here right?
-yea that’s because it opens out like a large ginkgo leaf all right, the picture I drew was originally like this well this already had plenty of character as it was well somehow I still wanted advice about the details firstly, we looked at clothing and his standing pose also learned how the clothing wraps around at the back also this distance here can affect the feeling a lot I probably drew its left side widely but on the other side it got a bit small at an angle it would appear smaller
– yes a bit since the clothing has this cool shape quite cool to go and show the shape like this then looking at the face there were many areas I was curious about the height of the cheeks and I’m also curious about this area. you can draw a lot of details there
-yes especially after I completed drawing it I just felt it wasn’t quite as serious/angry looking as I’d aimed for by putting those details in I thought, ah I see now for example, this bend here here too, the face wrinkles also, all these creases here that I didn’t know were possible well there are many ways to put in the wrinkles if you stare a real face you’ll think “ah, so wrinkles can appear there too!” to that end, what kind of materials are good to look up online? the faces of grannies and grandpas so doesn’t have to be angry faces, just look up faces of older people? yea, it’ll give you a good sense of how the face looks in 3 dimensions learned a lot from these lines here too and this line, what kind of…how can this appear? this is the raised area of the muscle drawn it using strokes rather than a single line well there are times you might do it with a single line too so this time you just went for a softer effect and also the eye is open, so a line can appear here also learned a lot here this line connects to the chin here too if there’s a line it’s because it follows this shape ah, well not always often this line comes here, and then from there the muscles really vary a lot from person to person some people have trouble drawing the nose got any advice about the shape here? Drawing it roughly here, but still I drew the sides really low down could be better to have it higher up right? yea after you moved it up the shape was quite nice ah, more like this well, in fact there’s plenty more improvements here freely use this as reference. thank you!
-you’re welcome the folds on these ojisan characters are really interesting You can fake your way through by adding lots of lines Ok, that can be today’s one-point advice. thanks! many other videos in this advice series! check the playlist! Please subscribe too! bye bye!

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  1. Good and Thank you for this :).
    Can you draw Kiloa (Gon's friend) from "Hunter x Hunter" with Red overear headphones in a rain…
    if you like and have the Time ?
    I wish you a nice day and Week + all other too 😉

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