Upgrade Your Xbox 360 Graphics for Free

Upgrade Your Xbox 360 Graphics for Free

hello everyone I'm Joe and recently I've been getting a lot of questions asking whether it's possible to upgrade the graphics on your Xbox 360 game console just like it's possible to upgrade the graphics on your PlayStation 4 that I talked about before and the answer is yes it's actually definitely possible to upgrade your Xbox 360 graphics using methods you already have in your own home it only takes a couple of minutes so I'm going to show you how you can upgrade the resolution the anti-aliasing the sharpness the refresh rate all for your video games on your Xbox 360 and it's really simple and you shouldn't have a problem with it now the reason this is possible is that your game discs that you buy for your Xbox 360 contain much higher quality graphics then the Xbox 360 can actually display and take advantage of it's very similar on a PC game where if you have a very powerful computer you can set the quality to maximum or if you don't you can set it to a lower quality the Xbox 360 does this automatically and it sets to a lower quality even though the game disk contains much higher graphics textures so all you have to do to upgrade your consoles graphics is to introduce additional processing power some more RAM so that you can offload some of that graphics cycles and clocks onto another device but you're probably thinking I don't have any other additional RAM or CPUs lying around and I don't know how to install it even if I did well you might be surprised that you actually do have all that additional processing power right in your pocket that's right you can use your phone to boost the graphics and processing power of your Xbox 360 console and I'm going to show you how to do that right now now understandably this is a slightly different process than with the PlayStation 4 graphics upgrade but why don't we go to the console and I'll show you exactly what you have to do you shouldn't have any problem with it ok so we're at the Xbox and all you really need is a USB charging cable just the cable no charger obviously and then your smartphone any smartphone will do and the first thing you need to do is make sure your smartphone is off and this is a very important step because it needs to be off when it's connected and turned on with the console after the phone is off we can plug in the cable and then plug it into the Xbox 360 in any of the ports and then we can turn on the console and once that is on we can turn on the phone so the phone is booting and like I said before it's very important that the phone be plugged in before you turn it on so that when it boots it knows to access the Xbox 360 and allow its processing power to be used if you just plug it in while it's already on it's not going to work and there's not going to be any need to change any settings on your phone it's all automatic you don't have to delete any data nothing on your phone it's going to change you won't even notice even after you disconnect so your data is safe ok so now that the phone is booted there's just one more thing we have to do in the Xbox 360 console settings so I'm going to show you how to do that now ok so to complete the overclock and upgrade we need to go to the settings system console settings then understandably clock now what you need to do is change it from your local time zone to one that's maybe one or two hours ahead and that will allow it to better synchronize with your phone's clock speed which usually typically runs a little bit faster than the console which is why we need to set it a little bit ahead so it has time to catch up better synchronize and be better optimized when you go to play or video games ok so before I show you the results this is optional but I'm going to show you how to verify the upgrade using your average Cardinal Graham meter now all you have to do is measure using the titration levels meter and make sure that the titration levels are above about 50 sieverts if it goes above 100 that means you've reached sinusoidal D plenary action which could affect the graphics so you might want to under clock it at that point and set it a little bit lower to get the optimized graphics it's not dangerous if you go above 100 but it's just not the best so once you have it set properly then you are good to go and that's the entire process but did it work why don't we compare before and after to see how it worked out this is the image before playing a video game and as you can see the image is nothing special not really sharp pretty typical and here it is after as you can see the graphics are much more vivid the image is sharper we have higher resolution and a much more clearer image and much more enjoyable experience that's it and yes it's really that easy now obviously the phone you use is going to largely determine the results you get if you use a modern smartphone you're going to get much better results than a very old smartphone and also another trick is just like the PlayStation 4 you can hook up multiple phones just like SLI or crossfire to combine the additional processing power however this will only work if you use two of the same type of phones for example two Android phones or two iPhones so that's it I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial I'm really looking forward to hearing what you think in the comment section below you can let us all know how when and if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up so I know you enjoyed it if you want to check out some other tutorials those will be on the right-hand side such as the upgrade your PlayStation 4 graphics video you can either click those links or look in the description for the same link like if you're on a phone and if you want to subscribe I make new videos three times a week so I think it should be worth it I look forward to hearing from you guys either in the comments section or on Twitter I'll be there as well so thanks for watching I will see you next time have a good one

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  2. Dude how can i rise up better FPS and graphics for my ass ? Do i plug some usb in it while its connected to the phone and then i use that tool to measure my ass ?

  3. Thanks! It worked. Then I overclocked the clock on the wall. Only problem is I have to go back to work like every 15 minutes now it seems and I hardly ever get any sleep.

  4. Dude all Ur videos are fake wtf like upgrading the Xbox 360 to Xbox 1 it wiped it you make all this stuff up

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