[VLOG #5]  || Drawing anime and go out with my bestie [Bahasa Indonesia] || Hedenny Chen

[VLOG #5] || Drawing anime and go out with my bestie [Bahasa Indonesia] || Hedenny Chen

Hi man, so today I will draw. I will draw snowwhite. This is 2017, this is 2018. So today I will draw 2019. Well, hopefully, there will be a change in the art. I will just video the results of 2019. Okay ~ Just ss .. just sketch blebleble, I just sketch a half.Oh, I’m flu man. I’ll see if I want to continue or not. This song is so nice!!! H: No no he/she is lying
J: Are you blogging?
H: Yeah, Haii~~
A: Hi~~ H: Kiumeng ~ What are you doing?
J: Anjay, are you blogging?
H: Yes H: How do you feel? You’ll get post on youtube
A: Happy, but disgusted
H: What did you say before? A: Hey, subscribe and like, right?…. HEDENNYCHEN Like it and subscribe too! Comment too, OK?
H: Yes Nice! HAHAHA Yeah, it’s already been sketched, so now I want to artline, I want to use this pen. It’s been a while,this pen has lost its brand. It’s 01. Already finished lineart, and I now want to use a pencilcolor fabercastel, yes fabercastel. And now already at 1 pm but I will draw until it’s finished but maybe it won’t finish,i’ll continue it tomorrow.Now i’ll continue to coloring first. I just coloring a half, so I will just continue it tomorrow. But because tomorrow I will upload a video, so I will post the results on this post on Instagram. So, if you want to see the results, just check my art instagram @asukaharuka10 or my personal Instagram @hedennychen I want to sleep now,i’ll clean up this and then go to sleep.

21 thoughts on “[VLOG #5] || Drawing anime and go out with my bestie [Bahasa Indonesia] || Hedenny Chen”

  1. 哇! 你画画真好! 我是真的一点天赋都没有。上学那会儿,美术课的作业我都跟别人交换,我帮别人写数学作业,她们帮我完成美术作业。😂😂顶啦!👍👍

  2. Great looking Anime drawings!

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