VY IS GONE So We Find Her Phone to Reveal Her Secrets at Hacker PZ9 Obstacle Course Park Challenge

VY IS GONE So We Find Her Phone to Reveal Her Secrets at Hacker PZ9 Obstacle Course Park Challenge

– (heavy sighing) Spy
Ninjas as you know, Vy, we had to kick her out of the
safe house and the Spy Ninjas ’cause, we’ll you tell ’em why Daniel. – Okay, we had a lie detector
test and we found out VY has been working with Project Zorgo. And you gotta be honest to be a Spy Ninja. She just wasn’t honest so we had– – Yeah.
– Well I kinda miss her, I hope she’s okay. She was my partner in crime. – I’m just not ready to give up on Vy yet. I don’t know, it just
doesn’t make any sense why she would betray us. – Okay well, PZ9 was the one
who broke this new to us, okay, so, he must know
more stuff about Vy. Maybe we can go ask him? – Yes. – You guys go ahead, I’m
gonna go look for Vy. – Yeah, Regina you go look for Vy. Daniel you and me, we’ll go
to his training headquarters and we’ll get more information out of him. Let’s go. Okay Daniel, we’re back here
at PZ9’s training facility, we gotta figure out
what he knows about Vy. – I say we take the stun
stars and bam, we get him. We corner him and everything, we get all of the information we need. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on, if we’re mean to him he
might not tell us everything that he knows about Vy. He still has Vy’s phone, maybe
he’ll just give it to us, I don’t fully believe
that Vy has betrayed us. There’s something really fishy about this, so he’s gotta know the truth. – Okay, let’s go. He’s gotta be here man, we didn’t check this place last time. – [Chad] We’ll you’re hiding
behind the thing here. You don’t want him to see you? – Yeah, look he’s right over there. – [Chad] What?
– [Daniel] Yeah, yeah. – [Chad] Oh, geez, he’s stretching. – His guard is down right now,
this is the perfect moment to take the stun stars and bam, zap him. – No, no, no, this is his dojo, it’s the place where he trains, we’ve gotta respect that and
we can’t get him mad at us ’cause then he won’t tell
us any information about Vy. – But yeah, I guess you’re right, we should be friends
with him, just for now. – Let’s walk up to him, then see what he has to say for himself. – Okay.
– Hey PZ9. (laughter) – [PZ9] Welcome, Spy Ninjas. – [Chad] Daniel, Daniel, Daniel,
hang on, hang on, hang on. PZ9?
– [PZ9] Yes? – I wanna know more about Vy Qwaint. You still have her phone,
you must have information, why did she join Project Zorgo? – [PZ9] Hmm, that’s a tough one, but since you guys helped clear the place of hackers last time, I’ll
tell you what I know about Vy. Well, she’s really short,
she has a spicy temper, she’s afraid of water. – Hey, hey! We already know all these things, I wanna know why she
betrayed the Spy Ninjas and joined Project Zorgo? – [PZ9] All right, I’ll tell you, but only after a couple of challenges. – [Chad And Daniel] Aw! – Geez.
– Good grief. (maniacal laughing) – What’s your deal man, you
just need friends or something? – [PZ9] Uh, no, no I
just need a challenge. So, welcome to the obstacle course. (epic resounding music) – [Daniel] What?
– [Chad] Whoa. – [PZ9] The first course, is
gonna be from this black box to that one. – [Chad] All the way from there to here? – [PZ9] Let’s consider this a
warm up. (maniacal laughing) – If Daniel or I beat your time, you’ll give us secret
information about Vy? – [PZ9] Yeah, but then if I win, I want secret YouTuber tips. (laughing) – Hey, yeah, that sounds fair, I’ll give you tips, but
you’re not gonna win. Okay, PZ9 you ready? – [PZ9] Yeah. – Three, two, one, go! (beep)
– [Chad] Go! (fast-paced orchestral music)
(laughing) – [Chad] Oh my gosh. – [PZ9] Whoop.
– [Chad] Don’t fall. – Oh!
– [Chad] If you touch the ground you fail! – [PZ9] I didn’t practice. – [Chad] Geez, PZ9 you’re
a little slow here. (grunting)
– Oh! – [Chad] I think this is
gonna be easy to beat. – [Chad and Daniel] Whoa! – [Chad] You almost, oh
he touched the ground! – Yeah!
– Yes, Yeah, he lost! – Woo! Daniel if you or I get further than this point right here,
we win this challenge. – Yes.
– I know– – [PZ9] I just had lunch, it’s not fair. – Vy’s definitely hiding more secrets and I wanna find ’em out. – [Chad] Daniel’s turn.
– Yes. My turn. – [PZ9] And my time to time. Three, two, one, go. (fast-paced techno music)
– [Chad] Come on Daniel. Oh my gosh, that was a good strategy. Uh oh, oh, uh oh. – I gotta swing.
– [Chad] Swing Daniel. Swing to the black. See, down there. – Oh, I can’t reach. – [Chad] Reach, reach for it! You got it, yes. – Oh no! – [Chad] Oh no, don’t touch the ground, don’t touch the ground. Whoa, you’re swinging good. Oh, wow.
– I’m almost there. – [PZ9] You’re a monkey. (grunting) – [Chad] Oh no, oh no, oh no. Oh! You touched. – Does that count? – You touched the ground. – I’m still swinging though. – [PZ9] He failed. (laughing) – Hey, I didn’t touch… (heavy sighing) Gosh, ugh. – [Chad] Good effort Daniel. – I just skimmed the bottom. – You fell right at the same spot PZ9 did. – I don’t think I
touched the ground, guys. What are you talking about? Until the very end. – [Chad] Instant replay.
(quizzical music) – Ah, you’re right. Okay, Chad be careful of that area man. – [Chad] Okay.
– It’s cursed. – [Chad] Oh! – All right it is my turn,
all I gotta do is get past that point where both you guys fell and we get some secrets about Vy. Ready Daniel?
– [Daniel] Yeah. You better back up Daniel, I got something cool
to start this off with. – [Daniel] Oh, okay.
– You ready? – [Daniel] I’m ready! – Here we go! – [PZ9] Three, two, one.
(beep) – [Chad] Yeah!
– [Daniel] Whoa! – [Chad] Shortcut. – [Daniel] I didn’t think about that. (upbeat rock music) (foghorn blaring) – [Chad And Daniel] Whoa! – Aw! – Now PZ9 reveal some secrets about Vy. – [PZ9] That’s really impressive. – Thank you very much. – [PZ9] All right, Spy Ninjas. The first tidbit about
Vy, remember the time when I sent PZ Hackers after
you guys for $10,000 each? – All you hackers got
together in a circle. – [PZ9] And one of the
hackers that attended that meeting looked a lot like Vy. (booming drum) – You’re right, we
thought it was Vy, yeah. We looked at the footage.
– Yeah. – She was wearing a ring. – I just didn’t wanna
believe it, that it was Vy. – Yeah, I thought maybe it was
a coincidence, somebody else. – So, you knew that that
was Vy, the whole time? – [PZ9] I was like 87% sure. – That’s pretty sure, that’s pretty sure. – [PZ9] And that’s when
all of this started. But I’ll tell you more
after the next challenge. – Okay, I got this. – [PZ9] The next challenge
is get to the top as fast as you can
without using your hands. – [Daniel] You gotta start from there and it goes higher and higher and higher. – [Chad] And that’s the finish line. Once both feet touch the very top, I’m gonna stop the clock. – [PZ9] If you make it. – You look very interesting PZ9. – Matching helmet with vests, I like it. – [PZ9] That’s safety. – I got the timer ready to go PZ9. – [PZ9] And I don’t wanna lose again. It’s so embarrassing to lose to this guy. I hope you aren’t afraid of heights. – Not like you’re afraid of fights. – [Daniel] Oh! – [PZ9] No I’m not, I’m the best fighter, I’m just not so good a
the obstacle courses. – Are you ready PZ9? – Yeah, send it. – Three, two, one, start. (beep)
(fast-paced rock music) – [Daniel] What! (foghorn blowing) [Daniel And Chad] Oh! – [Daniel] He made it. (maniacal laugh) – [PZ9] Yeah, that was a pretty nice time and I took my time too. It’s scary. [Daniel And Chad] Whoa! – [Chad] Wow. – [PZ9] Okay, feel good about that, next! – [Chad] Daniel! (hands smacking) – All suited up. – [PZ9] Yellow looks kinda good on him. – Hey, thanks PZ9. (grunting) – He went so much faster than I thought. – Me too I’m really impressed by his time. – [PZ9] I’m gonna be
impressed by him falling down. (laughing)
– I got a wedgie. – [Chad] Oh no!
(grunting) – [Chad] You got this Daniel. – [Daniel] Okay. – [PZ9] In three, two, one, go. (beep)
(upbeat techno music) – [Chad] Come on Daniel,
yeah you got this. – [Daniel] Uh, oh!
– Oh no, no don’t turn around. (frantic screaming) – [Chad] Don’t be scared.
– [Daniel] Ah! – [Chad] Don’t be scared, no, Daniel. (screaming) – [Chad] What are you doing? (screaming) – Aw, your sliding down. Oh, Daniel, why’d you do that? You were right there. – It was so scary up there, man. – [Chad] Oh, you chickened out? – I chickened out.
(laughing) – [PZ9] You know, he was doing pretty good and then his nerves got the best of him. – [Chad] Awe. – My hands are shaking,
I’m afraid of heights. – [PZ9] More like afraid of winning. – [Chad] Oh! – Hey.
[PZ9] Get up. (grunting) – I’m all suited up,
I’m ready to go Daniel. I gotta beat 5.99 seconds,
you think I can do it? – [Daniel] It’s all up to
you man, you definitely can. – Spy Ninjas’ give me a
thumbs up for good luck that I can beat this fool. – [PZ9] I mean, I feel
like you could just jump and get to the top. – You know who he sounds like. – He sounds just like PZ301. – It’s not fair.
– It’s not fair. – It’s not fair.
(dramatic fake crying) – [PZ9] (grunts) All right,
just go, get on with it. Three, two, one, go! (beep)
(fast-paced techno music) – [Chad] Oh, oh.
– [Daniel] Oh! – [Chad] Oh, no. – [Daniel] Uh! – I used a hand, he said
I couldn’t use hands in the beginning, remember? – [Daniel] Oh, no! I’m ready. – Get my snoogie, snooged. All right, let’s go. (screams) [PZ9] Oh!
– [Daniel] Oh! (laughing) – Oh, shoot, PZ9 beat us
’cause I touched my hands. – Really?
– [PZ9] Whoop! – You were doing so good. – (sighs) PZ9 you won fair and square. – [PZ9] Yes I did. – Fine, we’ll give you a YouTube tip. – [PZ9] Yes! – Tip number one–
– [PZ9] Yeah? – You need to upload at least once a week. You’ve only uploaded like,
three or four videos, ever. People aren’t gonna subscribe to you if you only have three or four videos, they need more than that. – [PZ9] But how am I supposed
to bother you guys every day? – You don’t need to rely
on us to make videos, you can make your own videos. – [PZ9] Really? – All right, on to the next challenge. I need to get more secrets about Vy. – [Daniel] Yeah. – [PZ9] I need to get more YouTube tips. – PZ9 I have got the next challenge. First we start right here, you can’t touch the
floor otherwise you lose. You jump from this, to
this, to this, to this. You come up here, you jump the wall. You can’t touch the floor. – [Daniel] Mm-mm. – And you make it across
this, on the sides. – [Daniel] Like a tight rope. – Like this, oh, that hurts. Whoever lands here the fastest wins. [PZ9] All right, Chad, are you ready? – I’m ready. – [PZ9] Three, two, one, go! (beep)
(upbeat drum music) – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Time!
(foghorn blaring) – [Daniel] Stop the time. – [PZ9] Oh, ho, ho, ho, 8.07. – Woo!
– [Daniel] Yeah! Good job Chad. – That is a great time, I
am happy with that time. – [Daniel] Yeah. – [PZ9] Pretty fantastic. Look who’s up to bat. – It’s me. (laughing) – Let’s see how well he does, shall we? – [Chad] Yes. – [PZ9] Three, two, one. (beep) – [Chad] Come on Daniel, you got this. Yes, yes, yes, oh no, get up Daniel! – Oh! Oh, no. – [Chad] Quick, quick, quick.
– Oh no. – [Chad] You got this Daniel, come on. Oh, oh, no. – [Chad And Daniel] Oh! – Ah! – [Chad] You haven’t touch
the ground yet, Daniel. – I’m still hovering.
– [PZ9] He’s all over it. – [Chad] You can still do
it, you can still do it. Come on Daniel, you got this. Yes, what’s the time? (foghorn blaring)
– I did it! – [Chad] What’s the time? – [PZ9] Uh? – Hey Daniel, as long as he
doesn’t beat whatever I got, we’re good– – [PZ9] Highly entertaining, Daniel. – Thanks. – PZ9 can you beat my time? – [PZ9] Let’s find out. – On your mark, get set, go! (beep)
(frantic music) – [Chad] Whoa, he’s
fast, he’s really fast. Oh my gosh, he’s slowing down, he’s– (digital buzzer)
Oh! – [Daniel] Did you see that? – He would’ve beaten my
by almost a full second, but his foot slipped, and
he touched the ground. – Yes! Yes, that’s right PZ9. – PZ9, you were so fast,
I can’t believe it. – [PZ9] It’s these socks. – [Chad] Oh! There very stylish, there
so family friendly though. – [PZ9] We’re matching. (laughing) All right, Chad, you were the winner of that round, very nice. – Good job Chad, at-a-boy. – Thank you, Daniel, thank you. – [PZ9] The next Vy secret
I’m gonna tell you is actually more a Project Zorgo’s secrets. Did you know that in order
to rank up in Project Zorgo, It’s $10,000! – What? It didn’t use to be
that way when I worked there. – Wait, you gotta pay
Project Zorgo $10,000 if you wanna get higher
in their organization? – [PZ9] Oh yes. – That has nothing to do with Vy, so, you need to tell us a Vy secret. – [PZ9] Maybe that’s why
Vy has been taking $10,000. – Wait a second, remember
Daniel $10,000 went missing from our box? – Yeah, yeah, we thought a
hacker took it or something. – You’re telling me it was
Vy that took the $10,000? (maniacal laughter) – [PZ9] I guess she had reasons to. She’s trying to go
places in Project Zorgo. – You know we asked Vy about
that with lie detector test. – Yes and she said she couldn’t answer. – [PZ9] She doesn’t need to answer because now you probably know why. – Well, why did Vy join Project Zorgo? – Yeah? – [PZ9] Well the answer to this, is after this next challenge. – [Chad And Daniel] Ugh!
(maniacal laughter) – I’ll do this next challenge,
I call it, Indiana Jones. – [Chad] Ooh!
– [Daniel] Yeah! – [PZ9] But Daniel’s more like
Indian Bones, he’s so skinny. (laughing)
– [Daniel] Hey. – [Chad] Hey he called you skinny. That’s not so bad. – [Chad] That’s not so bad. (climactic music) – [Chad] Oh!
– [Daniel] Ah! – Here we go Daniel.
(hands clapping) – [Daniel] Go, man, go. – [PZ9] Three, two, one, go (beep)
(frantic techno) – Here we go, here we go! (screaming)
– [Daniel] Oh! – Uh!
[Daniel] Oh, no! – [Chad] Whoa.
– [PZ9] Careful Chad. Are you okay? – He cheated, he flung
that thing right into me. – [Daniel] Yeah.
– Did you see that? – [Daniel] Yeah I saw it, I– – [PZ9] Are you all right Chad? – I got it on camera, all
the Spy Ninjas’ saw it. – Don’t pretend you care if I’m okay. – [PZ9] I was trying to time
it and I forgot to let go. – Yeah, you timed it right into me. – [PZ9] (laughs) My turn. (laughs) – Okay, PZ9, your turn and
we don’t even need to cheat to beat you so we’re not
gonna cheat like you did. (goofy laughing) – Are you ready?
– [PZ9] Yeah. – Three, two, one, start. (beep)
(heavy drum music) (foghorn blaring)
– [Daniel And Chad] Oh! – [Chad] Oh my gosh! – [PZ9] Indiana Bone,
(laughs) I don’t have a joke, (laughs) I win. – Ugh! – That was pretty good. – Oh, man!
– [PZ9] All right Chad, please tell me, how did you
get so many subscribers? – You gotta create really good content, but you also have to ask
your viewers to subscribe, you gotta remind them ’cause
sometimes they forget. Just like this PZ9, Hey everybody turn your
phone from this to this, look underneath the video, there’s a little subscribe
button down there, if it’s red click it and make it gray, to make that red go away. – [PZ9] And also click
on my channel today. – No, nope, nope.
– [Daniel] No, no. – Next challenge, first you
start on this gray block, you grab a sled, it’s very heavy, you carry it up these stairs and then you come down the slide. Once you touch this gray
spot, boom, the time stops. Who’s fastest? – [PZ9] It’s gonna be may. – All right, no PZ9, it’s already August. – [PZ9] Ah, yes. – All right, PZ9, set the
time, three, two, one, go. (beep)
(heavy rock music) There he goes. Does he have the cardio that it takes to make it up the stairs. Oh, here he comes Daniel. – [Daniel] Here he comes. – [Chad] What’s he doing? – [Daniel] Oh! (laughing) [Daniel And Chad] Oh! – [Daniel] Go to the… (foghorn blaring) – [Chad] Oh! – [PZ9] I was trying to get the
best angle and I lost track. – That looked horrible PZ9. – [PZ9] Yeah, I mean, it’s not my best, (laughing) – My turn. I’m gonna beat that time, no problem. – [PZ9] Okay, Chad didn’t give
me any time to think last, three, two, one, go! (beep)
– Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s always cheating. (upbeat techno music) – [Daniel] Go, Chad, go, yeah! (upbeat techno music) Here he comes. – [Chad] It’s stuck, it’s stuck, Daniel. – [Daniel] Come on, man.
– [Chad] It’s stuck. – [Daniel] Come on!
– [Chad] It’s stuck. (screaming) [All] Oh! (foghorn blaring)
– [Daniel] Yes! – Yes! What was the time? – [PZ9] 26.44.
– What! [Daniel And Chad] 26! – Daniel, did you see
how I got stuck up there? – [Daniel] Yeah! – Ugh, okay. – [PZ9] You must not have enough
junk in the trunk. (laughs) – [Daniel] Here we go. – [Chad] All right, Daniel! – Okay, I’m ready, boy!
– [Chad] You got this. – It all comes down to this.
– [Chad] All right. – [PZ9] Good luck, in three, two, one, go! (beep)
– [Daniel] Ugh! – [Chad] Come on, Daniel! (upbeat techno music)
(feet pounding) Watch your head. – [Daniel] Here we go! – [Chad] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! – [Daniel] Yeah! – [Chad] You got this! Go, go, go, go, no time for that. (foghorn blaring)
Oh! (laughing) What did he get? – [PZ9] 14.90. – Oh!
– [Chad] Oh my gosh, Daniel. PZ9’s was 17 seconds,
you did 14.9 seconds! – Yes! I did!
– [Chad] Woo! (hands clapping)
– [Daniel And Chad] Yes! – That’s another Vy secret, woo! – [PZ9] Remember the las
time you guys were here? – [Chad] Yes.
– [Daniel] Yes. – When we found Vy wearing a Hacker mask. – [PZ9] She thought that Project Zorgo was gonna find her phone
faster than all of you (maniacal laughing) and that’s
why she put on the mask. – She’s not really joining
Project Zorgo, Daniel. – Yeah. – She was just trying to
find her phone, right? – She was in disguise, right? [PZ9] Uh, no but she’s
been in Project Zorgo, longer than that, so. – Oh geez, I was hopeful that that’s why she joined Project Zorgo, but you’re right she did join before she even lost her phone. Daniel we need more information. – Yeah.
– Next challenge. – [PZ9] For this next course,
we’re gonna get from this end. – [Chad] To that end. – [PZ9] You got it, that’s all. – Five, four, three, two, one, go! (beep)
– [Chad] Go PZ9! I mean , don’t go, go slow. Oh, gosh. – [PZ9] Whoa, I don’t like this. – [Chad] Whoa!
– [PZ9] That’s scary. – [Chad] You’re gonna have
to go faster than that PZ9. Hey, whoa, what you doing there? – [Daniel] Climbing cheese. – [Chad] Oh, these are pieces of cheese, – [PZ9] Whoa. – [Chad] Crawl through the hole. – [PZ9] Ugh.
– [Chad] You got this. Whoa, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. (grunting) You gotta get on there. Whoa.
– [PZ9] Whoa. – [Chad] Wow. – [PZ9] All right, how do you do these? – [Chad] Oh my gosh. – [PZ9] Okay. – [Chad] Oh, you’re goin’ pretty fast. – [PZ9] They’re just a walk in the park. – [Chad] Oh, it’s a walk on the bars. – [PZ9] Yeah! – [Chad] Whoa, don’t lose your balance. (grunting) – [Chad] Oh my gosh,
quick, jump to the orange. You can do it and time! (hard thud)
– [Chad] Ow! (low grunting) Oh my gosh, PZ9. – Oh! (screaming drowns out PZ9) – [Chad] You touched the orange. – You touched it, yeah you got it. – [PZ9] I got it. – [Chad] What did he get Daniel? (laughing) – The time is three hours,
just kidding, 46 seconds. – [Chad] 46 seconds. – [PZ9] I’m way better at
fighting than this. (laughing) – [Chad] Hey!
– [Daniel] Oh! – [Chad] Did you just kick some brick? – [PZ9] I’d rather do
that all day than this. – Yeah, your fighting
skills are a lot better than your obstacle course
skills, I gotta say. – [PZ9] I gotta agree with
you on that one. (laughing) – Okay, Daniel, let’s see
if you can beat his time and get Vy’s secret. – No problem. Look at this over here. There’s handle bars, monkey bars. – [Chad] Oh, you can’t even reach, how is anyone supposed to reach those? – I think that would’ve helped PZ9 a lot. – [PZ9] Chad’s the only
one who could reach ’em, you giraffe. (laughing) – [Chad] Let’s see, oh yeah, no problem. – I think I can reach them. – [PZ9] Here I’ll boost you. – [Daniel] Uh! – [Chad] There you go,
now you’re up there. That’s how you do it Daniel. – Okay, knowing that I’m
definitely gonna win, now. – [Chad] Definitely. – [PZ9] All right, you ready? – I was born ready. – [PZ9] In three, two, one, go. – [Chad] Whoa. Yeah, Daniel,
come on, you got this. – [Daniel] Ow!
– [Chad] You got this, Daniel. – [Daniel] Monkey bars.
– [Chad] Whoa, monkey bars. – [PZ9] Wow, I wish I had seen those. – [Chad] The cheese, oh my gosh, Daniel, you are skinny enough to
go through the cheese. – I am. – [PZ9] Swiss, Daniel. – [Chad] Double cheese.
– Oh gosh. – So, Daniel, you like
two slices of cheese on your burger, huh? – I sure do. I gotta go through this.
– [Chad] You got this. – [PZ9] Oh, I’m surprised
your head fits through there, it’s so big. – [Chad] Oh!
– Hey! (laughing) I got a big ole cranium that’s why. – [Chad] You got a big brain. – Now I gotta swing. – [Chad] Swing. Careful, I don’t know Daniel, you’re in a bad position now. – Swing. – [Chad] You’re in a really bad position. (laughing) – [Chad] Don’t touch the ground. – [Daniel] I’ve gotta find another way. – [PZ9] You could just give up, Daniel. – [Chad] Don’t give up
Daniel, don’t give up. There you go. (grunting) You got this. You got it Daniel, come on. (screaming) Don’t touch the ground. You’re really close. (screaming) Come on, Daniel. – Yes
– [Chad] Yes. – [Chad] Way to go, way to go. Yeah, there you go. Get across that bridge. It’s a bridge to somewhere. (laughing)
(grunting) – [Daniel] All right.
– [Chad] Yeah, yes! – Time!
– [Chad] Woo, time. – [Chad] That was really good Daniel, except for the cheese part. – [PZ9] It was one day and
12 hours, oh sorry, 1:12. – Man, that’s a stupid joke. (rapid thumping) – Okay, it’s up to me Daniel to beat PZ9 and get that secret from Vy’s phone. – [PZ9] Wow, look at Chad
trying to be all fancy again. – All right, I’m ready. – [PZ9] Three, two, one, go. (beep)
(epic fast-paced music) – Oh, shoot.
– [Daniel] Oh! – Oh, yeah, that works. Here we go, I like the
swinging motion, Daniel. – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah. – Swing, like a piece of cheese
or a monkey or something. – [PZ9] Wow. (music drowns out speaker) – [Chad] Oh, shoot. There’s are hunkered down, no problem. Time! – [Daniel] Oh! – Woo! – Good job, Chad. – That felt pretty good. I think we beat PZ9’s time. – [PZ9] Yeah, 17.46, Uh! – [Daniel] Oh! Oh! (laughing) – [Daniel] Nice job, Chad. – Thank you, let’s get that secret PZ9. – [PZ9] Yes. Well, speaking of Vy, where is she? – We kicked her out of the
house because she betrayed us, she failed he lie detector challenge. – She’s no longer a Spy Ninja. – To be a Spy Ninja you have to be honest. – Mm-hmm. (maniacal laughing) – [PZ9] Well, you all might
not be trying to find Vy, but Project Zorgo is. (maniacal laughing) – Why, why do they want to find her. – [PZ9] Because they
know how valuable Vy is, so, they’re holding a meeting and they’re gonna see
which PZ member is Vy. That’s it. – What a second, so, you’re
telling me that Project Zorgo doesn’t even know that Vy
is a Project Zorgo member. – [PZ9] I guess not, they’re
a bunch of idiots, anyways. – Oh, wow. That gives me faith in Vy, Daniel. – Yeah. – Maybe she’s doing an undercover thing, like you did that one time. – That’s what I’m hoping,
she’s just going in disguise to get information. – Why didn’t she tell us, though? – [PZ9] It sounds like a
personal problem. (laughing) – We need to get to that
meeting as quickly as possible. – Yes.
– Okay. Shout out to all of you
notification Ninjas, thank you for getting here
in the first 16 minutes of every video. I’m showing some of
our comments down here. Guys, if you haven’t see the last video or the next video, some
of ’em are up here. Download our app and
subscribe to everybody. – [PZ9] Yes.
– Not PZ9 though, don’t– – [PZ9] Come on I had so
much fun today, with you all. – Yeah, don’t subscribe to
him and let’s do a KickBump. – All right. – KickBump!
– [Daniel] KickBump! (smack)
(cymbal ringing out)

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