Watch This Before Buying Esmeralda! | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Watch This Before Buying Esmeralda! | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

33 thoughts on “Watch This Before Buying Esmeralda! | Mobile Legends Bang Bang”

  1. My first game ever with Esmeralda haha. She's so GOOD! (and thicc?) Esmeralda Tutorial coming soon!

    PS: I do not encourage practicing new heroes in Rank, but if you already know their mechanics and you are confident in your skill, then pew pew!

    Extra PS: Thank you foo_baer for all the donations during this stream! 😀

  2. No offence but I honestly hate It when people steal my buff😂I'll be like BITCH WTF I'VE BEEN USING ALL MAH POWERS AND THIS IS WHATCHUDO!

  3. I use all my battle points to by that hero but when i use it i only killed 1 enemy
    Maybe its not my best game and my best hero player in ml

  4. Esmerelda is really strong i used Esmerelda to fight enemies and it has healing when the enemy is going to recall i immediately go to the tower and killed it i did not died bc i have a healing power

  5. last week i just buy her and rank directly than solo to legend 4 5 star than thanks to my idiot teammate now im epic 2 i gonna crazy d !! is it don`t have friend to join and solo is like hell ? and in my server alots of franco and alucard player but they are mostly feed and being noob

  6. 7:13 LOL. Kinda disappointed. I mean sure, maybe you were just trying to help but it’s not like it was needed. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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