We Tried Instagram Toilet Paper Lips (feat. Candace Lowry)

We Tried Instagram Toilet Paper Lips (feat. Candace Lowry)

Hello, friends and welcome to another video! I’m here with Candace, and today we’re going to be trying out Instagram toilet paper lip art. Our girl Greta Agazzi back at it again She was the one who, I think started, or at least, like, propagated the Instagram furry lip art trend She struck back ( [Candace] she struck it) she struck once more, with some toilet paper, this time. I saw it, and I thought it was really interesting And I didn’t know what she used, and then in her caption She’s like, “LOL. I used toilet paper” And I was like, “WHAT? How was this done?” It’s cool, it kind of looks like your lip is like shedding some newborn skin So basically, what Greta used is liquid lipstick, lip topper, like she used an iridescent lip topper and, toilet paper. I brought this toilet paper because I just went to Costco and got literally a pallet of toilet paper I have toilet paper to lose right now So we’re gonna try this out, see if we can’t do something And then we’re going to go out and see what people think of this… trend. Cool, so, to be honest, I think last time, we had, like, more directions I think this time it’s a little more free form Okay, so I just… Unplied that really quick. You want this one? I need a visual representaion It almost looks like she has like, bare lips, and then she’s got the toilet paper kind of crinkled upon her lips And then she kind of like, puts the iridescent stuff over it. (Yeah) I’m just going to put a little bit of like, eyelash glue on my lips I brought the eyelash glue just ’cause last time like I feel like we had to reapply the flock a lot To clarify, this is not a tutorial on how to do this. I’m just trying to figure out any way to put toilet paper on our lips, for the sake of art. We are by no means professionals. Okay, so far, less of a risk of ingesting eyelash glue as ingesting toilet paper (Uh-huh) To cover the butthole, I put you know, instinctively put the toilet paper into my waterline, but it’s already dissolving. Mine looks like this, right now. See the problem is, I went in and things were going well, And then – mine just ended up being really wet. I’ve got a wet mouth, I don’t know what to say! I want to lick my lips so bad, and I can feel the spit in my corners, like, being soaked up You look… wonderful, already. No, you’re lying. So, Candace is doing the approach where she did her whole bottom lip. I am going to do, like, my whole toilet paper, And then I’m going to go in with the lipstick and the lip topper, after. (Sorry) This might be the first time I ever, like, truly failed one of these. I’m seeing failure on the horizon right now. On the flip side, I’ve never worn blue lipstick before! … okay… oKAY. Do you have like, tiny, baby scissors? Yes! I was just using them to cut my eyebrows. We should get tiny baby scissors That’s a good idea. I’m going to grab my tiny, baby scissors. ♪ Tiny, baby scis- sci- scissors~~ ♪ Tiny, baby scissors are where it’s at. Not sponsored, these are just really great. This one half of a sheet of toilet paper is actually probably going to be enough for me. It’s funny, because, you know, toilet paper is usually on the other end of your body. On a different set of lips ._. I just thought that had to be pointed out. Wait, I just understood that. That was raunchy! (Nyuhuh~~) I’m now, kind of, almost even putting eyelash glue on top, almost like paper mache-ing it down. Yeah, this does feel very much so like an art project. More than the other ones that we’ve tried, actually. We got a lot more creative liberty. Don’t make me laugh, Candace! and is It’s gonna come off! It’s gonna come off! Okay, I’m going to take this, and then I’m also going to do some trimming. I feel like, I look almost like… Santa. Hopefully, once we put the iridescent stuff on top, it’ll look more like Greta’s. I feel like that’s what’s gonna happen. So I think we’re gonna have a hard time talking to people, because I’m moving my mouth. Same! Alright, so I’m finally, I think, ready for the liquid lipstick. I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just kind of like, lightly dusting this liquid lipstick on. That’s basically what I did. I just dabbed it on. Your iridescent thing is pretty light, and mine’s kind of like, a little bit darker. So I’m going to try and do more of my iridescent stuff. It does look like, I got like, surgery on my lips. And I’ve put bandages, just on my lips. I’m just like, maybe I can cover it up with lipstick! I think I’ll probably have to do some trimming after, I’m done with this stuff. I like the shimmer, Saf. It’s kind of working. I am into the shimmer. The shimmer’s fun. I’m just going for it, you know! I can’t smile, all the way because the glue is dry and- You can’t, either!! I am feeling like a little less stressed. You know, I’m arts and crafting right now… There is something that’s kind of fun about it, like, it’s almost calming, to just be painting anything. I’m just painting a bookshelf. (Mm-hmm) But just kidding it’s toilet paper on my mouth This is my finished look! There is something about it that almost looks, like, plumping. Like, they do look a little more voluminous. I almost feel like mine looks look like a geode. Yours is just pretty cool and graphic when I get up close It’s so hard to like, get clean edges on this. God, how is she doing it? Greta, how do you do it? Help us… Something about that glitter, iridescent stuff, like, really, just makes it all okay If we were going for ‘toilet paper lip art’, we did something, with toilet paper on our lips. So we’re going to go out, and ask some people what they think of this… Maybe try need a hot dog, and see if Tyler will kiss me. Are you trying to smile? I’m trying smile. Yeah, I kind of did a half smile. Let’s go. I think they look cool. You wanna give me a kiss? No. I’m telling you I’ll kiss you at the end!, and maybe. He’s hoping and praying it all come off. I think something that we haven’t really talked about with this, lip art trend, is the question that we usually ask, which is: Is this a trend? We all just have to like, talk about like, what constitutes a trend? For a lot of these things that are written about, like, “This is the new makeup trend!” Like, the number of people doing it to think p’s written about it ratio is very low. They are shimmery. They’re nice. They are getting drier. And… getting a little hard, but it’s fun! And I feel like my artistic-ness went up a little bit I feel like I’m very “mermaid”, and you’re very “galaxy”. Mhmm, I’m into that. (You know?) Alright, we’re here, we got a couple hours of daylight left. We’re going to see if anyone’s willing to come close enough to really… Touch it! This is a good tactile one, to touch. It does, it feels very strange. I kind of put you on blast, with a very bright lip color. I didn’t even really notice until right now. everyone. Hey everyone, I’m here! We’re going to post up and try and talk to a couple of people and then get some treats! Okay, we’re here with Jessica and Katie! This is a, instagram lip art trend, called “toilet paper lips” (Yes.) So this texture, is actually toilet paper. That sounds uncomfortable. (That’s interesting…) It’s… UNIQUE and interesting. You look like you’re struggling, trying to talk right now… Would you ever try this? Just like, “Oh! I’ve been there. (Yeah) I used toilet paper before!” (Basically) Yeah! It’s like… …crispy… So, do you guys think that this is a-could be a trend? Do you think this could catch on, would people start doing this? Do you think people might like this? “No?” Alright, no. No one’s liking these so far, I wonder if it’s because they’re kind of, slowly coming off. I think in terms of Instagram lip trends, this one is aesthetically my favorite. But I also think that we have made people the most uncomfortable with them. I think that once you say the word “toilet paper”, people are like “oh…” (Yeah) “I don’t think I want that…” Maybe we should not say what it is… (Yeah?) Maybe we should ask, like, one person, and not tell them that it’s toilet paper, and see if they think it’s better. (Yeah.) Okay, so we’re here with Selene and Mel. What do you guys think of our lip art? You can take a gander at mine, at hers. What do you guys think? Okay, that’s close! Would you guys, maybe, try something like this? Do you like it? I like that. So, it’s made out of toilet paper. Oh~ Does that change your opinion on it at all? No, it’s the same? Maybe, people just think the same of it no matter what it’s made out of. Okay, nobody likes this. Everyone seems way more weirded out about this than I thought that they would be. I think it’s because it looks like our lips are kind of falling off. Just from the way it’s feeling, I’m pretty sure it’s going to come off when we start to eat. So, Ty, the moment of truth. I just want to peel it off. (I know.) I was actually gonna disguise the kiss with a- (Just try and grip it with your teeth?) No, I won’t do that. Let’s try it. Ready? oh… (Came back for a second!) Not because I wanted to, I’m trying to, test it out. Okay, yeah. It’s really horrible. Sorry, I couldn’t really reciprocate any type of kissing action, because it’s hard to move my mouth. So I was just kind of like a crinkly wall. Yeah, it wasn’t a great kiss. If anything I would even prefer the furry lips to that, but it feels like crinkled, hard, toilet paper. …that I put my lips against, three times. Like, it’s definitely not as tip-top shape as it was to begin with. Yeah! It’s kind of self-healing I think that we just got to take a good bite and see the damage, and then I think we should just peel it off. (Is it on?) Mm hmm! When I opened my mouth to eat that, I felt it cracking. I think it’s failing every test except for how fun it is put on. (This is a big bite.) As we eat, the toilet paper becomes wetter, and so then starts kind of, not peeling off, but just, disintegrating slowly. (Oh, that’s nasty.) (That’s a good peelage.) Alright, ready for the top? (It’s like a snake skin!) (It is!) (Do the top, yeah.) (It’s like she’s molting!) Ough, the eyelash glue really helps. (So much glue.) (Ooouugh.) I can’t wait to get this off. (Wow you really caked that on.) (Whoo!) It looks like I ate a smurf. Yours looks dirty! Mine’s like, saucy. Yeah, it’s a pretty big relief. (I can smile again!) I can talk, yeah. Okay. So. That was that. It feels so good, right now. It was very satisfying to peel off. Honestly, could be worth it, just to like peel it off. Maybe the next trend is peeling this stuff off, for videos. I mean, it’s almost slime-ish. Yes, there’s a little slime element to it. For fun, this gets a 10/10. Outside opinions and tests, it gets a 0. (Yeah) But, like, I had a good time. I thought it was kinda cool, but I also have a fanny pack on, so what do you wanna say. I don’t necessarily think it’s an everyday trend, but, mark my words, There will be peel porn lip videos coming out. Thank you guys so much for watching! If you liked that video, make sure to smash that like button And if you want to see more videos like this make sure to smash that subscribe button If you’re already subscribed, make sure to smash that little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications, So you get a notification every time that I post. Here are Candace’s social media handles and Candace’s channel Make sure to check out her channel, She posts some videos once a week about you, know, teaching you some stuff A lot of food, a lot of comparing… Here are my social media handles, and make sure to check out my nextbeat, I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q&As on there. A big shout out to Ella, for watching! Thanks for watching, Ella keep on cloggin’. ♪ Clogging with Ella Ella ~ yeah~ clog~ yeah~ ♪ And I’ll see you guys, a-next time.

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