100 thoughts on “What’s inside an Etch A Sketch?”

  1. Grant stop hanging out with all my favorite YouTube or‘s you hung out with film theory make it real what’s inside The household hacker who’s next mark rober Or Mr. beast

  2. I think is just sad. I grow up with that thing, I cherish it, it was 1 of my few toys that I had as a child. Savaging not 1 but 6 "Etch A Sketch" just for the fun of it, show how we don't appreciate anymore things, we just consume and throw, consume and throw

  3. A few days ago I was talking with one of friends who just became a mortician and we were wondering how, if possible, to make someone’s cremated ashes into an etch a sketch. They make magnificent art pieces with ashes and I thought it’d be a good one for some to remember others by. Also RIP Grant💛

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