What's on your Phone? Ft. Scott Ratliff

What's on your Phone? Ft. Scott Ratliff

I like to call them positive thinking triggers so each tattoo has like a thought attached to it what's up guys it's Katie Austin here and welcome to what's on your phone in this episode I energy Scott Ratliff of The Archers let's go hey what's up guys I am here with Scott Ratliff of the archers and we want to get to know him a little bit more off the field so instead of just asking him you know the basic questions we're gonna go through your phone that's way to do it are you like it how do you like Sheree I'm not I'm not worried oh he's not worried nothing to worry about if you go to your background you have some duck something yeah yeah I've got a local duck pond and there's Turtles as well in there they didn't make the picture but every day I walk my dog down there and it's like my moment of peace I usually leave my phone away and that's kind of like all right who was the last person you texted the last person I texted was will Manny there you go well Manny likes to get checked in on a lot make sure he knows where we are what we're doing so he was just asking me for an update tell him we're here okay and then if you go too so go to his text I want to see your most used emoji so press the oh it's a little heart yeah yeah yeah I'm a lover so I've got I've got three different hearts in there and he said it's your girlfriend I'm sure the girlfriend gets get some hearts I got the archers arrow in there and then here I got a Chilean flag it's all an inside joke when you said what are you doing if you're just chilling you say I'm chilling so you just send it yeah I always say me like maybe your family no no no all right now are you an apple music guy or Spotify let's find out I was listening to a song called hind' by Joe pug I like like singer-songwriter kind of softer type of music so a lot of my favorites are that and indie yeah like India before before party and I let somebody else though on the house music or after games and stuff I like to keep it but what about before game so I like a precinct all this end of John agender Sam Smith there I'm very worked up no I'm trying to usually trying to calm down I get like enough natural adrenaline but I like to just keep it interesting yeah keep it peaceful okay now what other apps on your phone do you have like Instagram do you do Instagram I do Instagram so we've got the gram still waiting on my blue check just hit the 12 K mark though you could get the blue cheese just hit the 12 K mark yesterday so that was a big day training camps been great for that yes and what's your favorite post a post on Instagram my favorite post personal post doesn't end of likes I like the quote posts so like I like to write and I put up a lot of my quotes and some of the things that I write up here and so I think those are my favorite here's one that's recent says find a unique way to look at the world Wow cool and do you write these clothes most of them sometimes I put up things I so you're a writer to try to be in your traveler tell us on your travels – I started travelling a few years ago coaching lacrosse clinics everywhere we went and it was just a way like when you go to foreign countries I don't like to be a tourist I like to try to blend in with the locals and so we started running clinics and the players we would meet what invited us to stay with them show us around their country and I fell in love with it so that led to Fatimid Adam Gettleman myself starting foundation called the give-and-go foundation and we raise money to support the programs all over the world and I've been to 23 countries in the last week wow that's amazing and do any of your tattoos have anything to do with your travels you know no I don't think specifically I got this tattoo here in Vienna Austria and I've gotten a lot of tattoos on my travels but I don't know if they're specifically for it but what do they all mean you know they're all the positive things so this says great minds are open there's a graffiti artist Atlanta named Greg Mike who paints that all over the place and it resonated with me I like it I've got a this is based on the Chattahoochee River so just animals and leaves and arrows I like to call them positive thinking triggers so each tattoo has like a thought attached to it so like leaves are like always embrace change the river is be willing to flow through life and the pine tree is energy and then this one is the cover of the book The Alchemist which is a meaningful book for me in my life and so that's a very artsy that's how I like to be able across is a creative sport so myself I think you're one of the most creative PLL player there we go yeah right so much Scott he's got my love everyone thank you thank you

19 thoughts on “What's on your Phone? Ft. Scott Ratliff”

  1. Kind of reminds me of Tim Tebow a little bit. I’m liking this guy more and more every time he’s interviewed

  2. So the New York Yankees are biting your bit. The first episode was last Wednesday and they're calling it The Feed a deep dive into the digital lives of the Yankees.

    Not bad to have dem Yankees borrowing your concept. They're pretty big. No question you were on the ball first.

    Somehow I have a very strong feeling that this won't be the only time something like that happens. PLL media is killing it and has completely reinvented how fans and sports work together.

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