40 thoughts on “What's the Best Smartphone in the World? (Early 2016)”

  1. I like the Samsung Galaxy s6 too because it is not the best phone but it really is good. What should I do with Iphone? Ok, it looks good but it costs a lot. And it's not better then the other ones. The s6 is really good so why should I buy anything else?

  2. My favorite is still my galaxy note 4 and my lg v10 removable batteries unlimited memory so I can always put a fresh battery in to.

  3. ok so these are the best.
    I like the functionality that is favored by my note5, but…

    I am interested in which company has the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Samsung has really bad customer service. it seems to me no matter how good the phone is, it doesn't matter if the company that makes it isn't holding their self to a high bar when things go wrong.

  4. I thought new brands would actually drive down the prices of smartphones but somehow they are still around the same price. I sware these brands collude to keep pricing at a certain point.

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