when you don’t know what to paint, paint the sky | painting with nina 5

when you don’t know what to paint, paint the sky | painting with nina 5

let’s hope that this goes well hello my friend’s it’s nina and we’re painting today as you may or may not know on my channel sometimes i paint and today seemed like a day for painting that is what we’re going to do today by the way this is an americano an iced americano just in case i need it i also do have a bottle of water always stay hydrated lots of liquid we are good to go so recently on instagram there has been this thing going on not like all over social media but just like on my account but lately there’s been this thing going on where you guys are tagging me in your paintings of skies and clouds and it became kind of like a little trend where you guys would send me your paintings of clouds and skies with a quote saying “when you don’t know what to paint, paint the sky” because apparently i said that in a past video i looked back at that past video to see if i actually said that i said something on the lines of that but i didn’t actually say that it would have been smart and cool if i did but i said something like if you don’t know where to start paint a sky or something like that it doesn’t have measurements, it’s very free i still stand by that and also you guys kept going with that quote so i was like i can’t stop them so i decided for this video i would kind of get in on that trend that you guys made and i would paint a sky for you guys i did not invent painting the sky nor do i claim anything like that i just thought it was really cute and i haven’t painted in so long that i kind of felt bad that you guys were painting so much and i was just here not doing anything creative so without further ado let’s paint a sky so i’m going to just quickly introduce my materials i have this very old easel she’s definitely been through a lot i have this little baby canvas and then for paint i got some new paints these are the liquitex acrylic color basics i lost all my painting materials from the move i have no idea where anything is so i had to buy new paintbrushes new paints and then i also had to get a little palette this was the only one i could find in the art store and then i got some paint brushes i don’t know the brand but i got them from the art store, it’s a really simple set my reference photo today is going to be this one that you can’t see it is a picture of clouds that i took this one day i put it on my instagram story but this is, oh now you can see it this is a picture that i took now i’m going to go in i do have a cup of water for my paint i just hope i don’t accidentally drink my paint water because sometimes that almost happens oh that’s delicious so i’m going to use this big brush this is the biggest brush that is included in the set i’m going to paint this light blue color yes i’m going to need a lot of white i used to have palette knives but again i lost all my painting materials and i didn’t think about getting a new palette knife so i’m kind of just using my brush this will be fine though this is a nice color so here we go, we’re gonna go for it yes it’s a delightful cute lil color we’re gonna have a nice blue all over and then we’ll make it a little more complex with different blues different tones so we’re gonna get a nice even coat right now someone once commented why i paint skies all the time and then they mentioned something about how a person will paint something over and over if it has a special meaning to them and i guess i just like the freedom of skies it’s kind of something humans haven’t tainted yet obviously there’s climate change and greenhouse gases and all that but otherwise the sky is still up there you can’t really destroy the sky i mean, greenhouses gases, but it’s just a thing that’s up there and i think that’s really pretty i really like stargazing and at night i love seeing the moon i shared on twitter my favorite childhood memory which was when i was younger i liked going to the beach and i liked stargazing and watching the moon i liked seeing the reflection of the moon on the water i had different names for the moon depending on each of its phases some names were like boris, loris, deloris all that when the moon was a gibbous moon, i think the moon’s name was boris but i’ve always had a fascination for the sky and naturally it became my favorite subject to paint not just because it’s easy to paint but there’s just a nice feeling that comes out of it we have a nice solid light blue you can call it a day some museums actually display paintings just like this one solid color but of course we’re going to continue someone also asked me if i liked sunrises better or sunsets better and i like both but i do like sunsets better just because i don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to experience a sunset i do like sunrises but i prefer sunsets just because there’s more color variety while a sunrise the color is just at one point because the sun’s coming up and then once the sun comes up that means i have to do the rest of my day with a sunset i can just stay up for a few more hours then sleep which is nice but i do appreciate a good sunrise from time to time this happened too fast now i have to actually do the clouds so in the reference picture the bottom is kind of dark as you can see i’m going to add a little black because there are elements of gray also if you mess up, it’s acrylic, you can just paint right over it ok that looks good, that looks good good good so if you can see, it’s a little darker here that’s what we want we’re going to paint this over with pink clouds anyway so it doesn’t really matter how far you go it won’t kill me to make it a little darker here as well painting is definitely a good summer activity if you don’t know what to do during your day painting naturally takes up a lot of your time at this point i can go in with the clouds now clouds have a lot of depth so i’m going to make the blurry part of the cloud first gonna need a good amount, that’s a lot of red, sorry who did i just apologize to right now yellow right here yes just a little bit so now we’re going to make our pink wow it’s already getting there gonna add just the tiniest yellow then red here i’m gonna go for it how much do i want a lot? i’m gonna wet it a little bit going for it going for it going for it yes this looks good again you really can’t go wrong with a sky you can’t mess up and even if you do mess up you have a painting in the end, and i think that’s all that matters i think i’m going to go in with my round brush so i don’t have these flat edges going to get my round one as you can see right here mayhaps this was not the right brush maybe i should dry it a little more, this has to be a little dry so if the brush is a little dry, it kinda gives that wispy effect there we go i can go higher with this if i want this is my painting, i can do whatever i want there’s going to be a lot of layers to your painting really just be patient with it so you can see the clouds starting to appear this is only the first layer, i’m so excited here i’m going to make a grayish color i’m just mixing the blue mixture with the pink mixture as you can see right there it’s this purpley color i’m gonna test it out you can barely see it but it adds a little element so i just made more- what am i doing so i made more of this purpley gray color here we go please dry a little bit this is going to be my seventh painting of a sky am i good? do you see that? and over here a little bit and then with a kind of wet brush not too wet but just a little damp i’m kind of blending the colors together it’s kind of going off i love the fact that when you’re done with this you just have a painting like you made that, that’s your creation, that’s your baby now i’m going to go in with a lighter color this needs like a bright pink color once i was painting with my friends and i kind of got frustrated when i was painting because first off i was using a paint that i wasn’t familiar with and so it didn’t give me the colors that i wanted so i started off with this bluish purpley grey color it wasn’t very pleasant and it didn’t look like my reference picture at all then i got frustrated so i was like i’m gonna paint it all black and paint a galaxy or something and then i was like wait, i wanna paint a sky though so i painted the entire thing pink so there were like 5 layers of paint at this point and i got really frustrated and then i told my friend, why do i have a painting series why am i a painter i’m not even like good at it or like i’m not even the best at it then my friend was like well that doesn’t really matter though the whole point is the experience of painting and that made me kind of chill out a little bit because i was like, true at that time i was really frustrated that it wasn’t turning out the way that i wanted and usually i’m very lenient about that so my friend reminded me that’s it’s not about being the best at it it’s about the fact that you’re with your friends or you’re with yourself and you’re just dedicating this time to create something that’s what really matters and i just forgot about it at that point and so i did paint a painting my friend was like you don’t have to be good at it, you just have to enjoy it and it made me realize, you know, in our really competitive society we just forget to enjoy doing something everything kind of becomes like a competition we think we have to be the best or don’t do it at all i try to remember to not approach life like that i paint because i like it and i hope you do too i mean unless, you know, you’re in art school where you literally have to be graded for what you do or your career is in art where you literally have to be the best in what you do but just in the process, remember that whatever you create is something even if someone else doesn’t like it even if someone else thinks you have to do this or that or change this or that in the end it’s your life these people’s opinions and all that won’t be in your life in 20 years you’ll be, i’ll be, how old am i, i’ll be 40, 50 i’m just painting because i like it here’s the painting so far there’s something serene about it anyway what was i saying? oh yea, just enjoy painting when i was in kindergarten and i was drawing i wasn’t thinking about trying to be better than the person sitting next to me i was just thinking, i wanna draw a house i wanna draw a sky i wanna draw a tree i wanna draw a sun with sunglasses for the heck of it and then later we got introduced to society and then everything changed but when you can just try to remember that you’re doing it for fun unless you’re on a time crunch and you literally have to be in a competitive setting to produce a painting or something i just hope that in your life at one point you have some peace and quiet to create something for fun not because you have to we’re adding little dots here and there they kind of look like flowers like little flower petals just floating in the sky i might need a smaller brush for that though gonna use a smaller round tip brush and kind of just blend it out a little bit this is just a dry brush and i’m using it to blend it out like nothing happened i kind of made a mistake but like bob ross said there’s no mistakes just happy accidents ahh i keep making mistakes these are not mistakes these are happy accidents all good all good all good all good i actually kind of like that right there gonna blend it out a little bit yea it adds a little contrast that was a good move happy accident just need to blend it out a little bit now i’m trying to make like a hot pink kind of pink yay there she is so now we’re going to make gray for the bottom of the clouds we have the gray we’re going to paint under i could’ve used a smaller brush yea let’s do it i need more control gonna use a smaller brush we’re going to go under yay blend you out! there we go there we go there we go i think this is the part of the video where i’m going to just do a time lapse and try to finish this wish me luck i’m gonna do a time lapse now let’s go and we are back, and finished honestly i think the fun thing about painting is that you just really never know what you’re going to get i think at the end i eventually just kind of took a more abstract approach and it kind of has more personality to it i think i’m gonna turn off my phone, i don’t really need it anymore this is my new child, i gave birth to it i’m gonna add it to my collection of skies is it a painting of mountains and trees? is it a painting of cherry blossoms? or is it a painting of a sky? only i know right in here honestly at first i was a little frustrated because i kept messing up as you saw in the time lapse i would try to experiment then cover it with more paint and then more paint, and then more paint but in the end we have a painting and i think that is beautiful this is about two hours worth of effort i feel like if i had more time maybe it would’ve been not better, it just would’ve been something else any work of art is a work of art i don’t know where i’m going to put you but that is it for this painting session it was quite the ride but in the end we gave birth to a piece of art i hope you enjoyed this painting session i hope it was a nice time i hope maybe you created something and if you didn’t, i hope you enjoyed watching thanks for watching this video and i will see you in my next video! goodbye my friends 🙂

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