When You Get Stabbed By A Pencil

When You Get Stabbed By A Pencil

– Just sitting at my desk at home when I stabbed myself
with a pencil in my eye. – I was in the first grade,
and I was six years old. – Second grade. – Probably the third grade. – Third grade or fourth grade. – I was in seventh grade. – This is the first time
I’ve told this story because it just doesn’t
come up that often. – My friend and I had been
messing around a little bit, and I had elbowed him in the leg. So, we were sitting in the wood shop with a very attentive teacher. As soon as he turned around, my buddy took his mechanical
pencil and just kind of gave me a quick jab in the thigh. – So I was walking to one of my classes. In our school, there was
brick wall everywhere. And I had my pencil in my hand. I was dragging it along the brick wall. And it got wedged in between a brick, and then the pencil
went right into my hand. – I was sitting at the kitchen table, and I was coloring. And I like to take a regular pencil first. And I was erasing, and it jabbed right in. It got lodged right in there,
and I started to scream ’cause it hurts really, really, really bad when you get anything
in between your fingers. I thought I was gonna get lead poisoning ’cause I didn’t understand
that it’s not poisonous. – My younger brother and
I were farting around in the living room. And I don’t know why, but
he had sharpened a pencil, tossed willy-nilly onto the floor. And I’m running around
without my shoes on. Step on it, crack, ugh. It had stuck into the
bottom of my left foot. And I tried to get it out. The more I tried to dig it out, the further it seemed to
enmesh itself with my flesh. – I was just sitting at my desk at home. And I must have just erasing
something really vigorously, gesturing a little bit
too hard, and it went straight into my eye. I just immediately started freaking out ’cause I could see the
mark it left in my eye. And I was like, “Oh, my
God, am I gonna go blind?” – People have totally
noticed it without me sharing the information because it’s like in the center of my right hand. There is a black dot. It’s buried under my skin. – Now it’s just a part of me. I’m kind of a cyborg in that sense. – It’s actually funny because
I’m the type of person that has never broken any sort of bone. So now that I think of
it, this is probably the worst battle scar I honestly have is just this thing in my eye from stabbing myself with a pencil. – I just hope somebody out
there can hear my story and feel better about
their pencil stabbing. – So for anyone who thinks that
they’re alone in this world with their pencil scars, you’re not. – There are a lot of us out there. And if you ever feel lonely,
you can probably find support on an internet forum. I’m sure they exist. – You should wear it proudly. And just show that you
can move on from this. – Or just find me on Twitter,
and I’ll commiserate.

100 thoughts on “When You Get Stabbed By A Pencil”

  1. Loll I cannot stop laughing they are like acting like they got stabbed or shot and wanna hide it

  2. Incredibly dramatic xD I scrolled through the comments afterwards and i'm glad i'm not alone in thinking this lollll

  3. I don't have a mark but I stabbed myself on my cheek and I didn't cry but more like wanting to burn with the devil himself

  4. I thought the same thing about the lead poisoning…
    I was walking in my room, it was mess, the clothes baskets had somehow gotten turned over and my things had been strewn about the floor. I shared a room with my little sister, her stuff was everywhere too, including a very sharp pencil. I don’t remember if I had been walking or running, but when I got to the doorway, right where my ankle meets the top of my foot, I got stabbed. It had been sticking up out of the mess of clothes. ། – _ – །
    I still have a small black dot on my foot. My mom called it a “lead tattoo”. I asked her if I was going to get lead poisoning and she said no. 😂

  5. One time is was in a club meeting and we were writing and obviously being the tomboy I am I was wearing shorts in fall and I thought my leg was my paper and stabbed myself

  6. Once when I was 8 I was showing my friend a rubber and she tried to stab it with her pencil(that she just sharpened)but I moved it out the way before she could but she stabbed my hand and the tip of the pencil got lodged into my hand and it wouldn't come out and it still hasn't come out there is a black dot on the inside of my hand now.and I can feel the tip of It if I rub my hand but the doctor said it would gradually go over time but it hasn't but it wasn't a lead pencil it was graphite so Im not poisened thankfully.😀that's my battle scar⚡

  7. It hurts soooo bad , I once got stabbed by a wood pencil in my right hand twice , and now have 2 "wounds"

  8. I just sharped my pencil and i was pointing with it at my friend and i turned around sharp point to my hand and my friend didnt see it and he pushed it and i had a hole in my right hand btw i was laughing when i came ho:0

  9. I stabbed my knee with a pencil because I fell off a chair laughing in the middle of science class

    Hurt nothing but my self respect

  10. My “friend” Sam was messing with somebody else and Sam stabbed me. I laughed and didn’t tell anybody for that day

  11. I have two scars on the same hand. One at the beginning of my thumb and one between my index and middle finger. Both from a pencil

  12. I have a mark in my left hand I was sharpening pencils for school and I always check to make sure the lead won’t break so easily and I went to grab the next pencil and the tip went into my hand ever since then I had a mark

  13. I have a pencil piece in my hand and I also thought I was going to get led poisoning and it’s like four years later and I’m healthy and ok!

  14. I feel envy to the girl who got stabbed in the eye her eye was still white and okay.. I was stabbed like that too 4 years ago after that year the eye that got stabbed has blurry sight and red like I had a sore eyes

  15. You can put a need and take the black stuff out that’s it but with people who stabbed it in there eye I don’t know sorry

  16. The topic of high pain tolerances came up so I mentioned mine and this dude swore he could make me cry and before I could answer he stabbed me with a pencil… I still didn't even wince. So there is a piece if graphite in my right wrist

  17. I was dragging a red pen against a brick wall and it stabs the side of my hand and I have a 3cm line on the side of my and

  18. I stabbed myself bu accident it 1st grade and the black dot is still in my hand but I forgot it was there and no one even notices it anyway

  19. Dude, even I got stabbed by a pencil and I am still having the mark but I forgot the backstory. It was so irrelevant.

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  21. i got one broken off in my hand, its fine, but it dyed it darker then anyone on this vid lol =/ and those peeps that thinks its still in you? your skin kicked it out within the first 20sec you just dont remember it cuz of shock.

  22. A few years ago I was in class and I was bouncing my pencil and I stabbed it through my lip and the girl next to me screamed and told the teacher. Still to this day that girl remembers it …….A few years ago I was sitting in class and I got up and someone walked past me with a really sharp pencil and it cut an about 8 inch long cut and I didnt notice till it hit a nerve then I was in the worst pain in the world.

  23. I was just watching cause I thought I was going to get poisoned but I found my answer…….. and some dramatic stuff

  24. This happened last year i dont know why but i was stabbing my ink pen on a plastic ball dont ask i was bored and then i stabbed it so hard it slid and went in my skin my middle finger i still have my mark i got two but that was one of my stories

  25. Am I the only one who searched up “what happens if u get stabbed by a pencil” and clicked on this vid and am I tryna only one who got tweezers and tried to rip my skin off but by bit to try and get it out cause I thought I would have lead poisoning

  26. I accidentally stabbed my finger and it's still visible. I don't have OCD but this is bothering me so much because I hate school and the dot of graphite in my finger makes me think of school

  27. I'm an artist and have never been stabbed by a pencil. How do you get into these situations. Like come on…smh

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