Where Is The Best Place To Draft When Cycling In A Group? | Ask GCN Anything

Where Is The Best Place To Draft When Cycling In A Group? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to Ask GC Anything,
coming up this week, I answer your questions on
drafting, fasting, and cadence when climbing. If you do have a question
that you would liked answered on the show, drop it in the comments below with the hashtag #TORQUEBACK,
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Twitter as well if you like. Right then, the first question
is from Alan Crawford. I’ve noticed a few times
in a medium to large group of 10 to 12 people and up to 50 people, that when you’re in
the middle of the group you seem to get drawn into
the slipstream nicely. But once you start getting
towards the back or being dropped it seems like the slipstream
turns quite turbulent and starts to work against you. Is there any factual
evidence or is it just me being weak, tired, and my
mind coming up with excuses for why my group is
leaving me in the dust? Right, I had a quick look
across the internet actually, to find a good bit of research on this and there is a company called Swiss Side who have done a study on this. And this answer is, that
actually you do get a drafting at even as far as 20 meters behind the group in front of you. So even at 10 meters behind the group, I’m just reading the
numbers off the screen, 10 meters behind the group
you’ll be saving 30 watts at 45 kilometers an hour. Obviously if you’re doing
30 kilometers an hour you would expect the wattage saving to be a little bit lower. But actually, you could
even notice at that speed an effect of drafting
right up until 20 meters, and then after that point it
starts to disappear completely. What I think you’re experiencing
is that constant surge and relax, surge and relax,
the further you are back in a group the more of an
elastic effect that the speed of the group in front of you is
going to have on your legs. You’re constantly playing catch up and then you’re having to back off and that’s not going to
help your tired legs. Hopefully that’s a suitable
answer for your question. The second question this week
is from Somhairle MacCormick. Hi guys, I love the show,
I’ve recently invested a power meter and noticed
that my power zones and heart rate zones don’t match. I’m either going full gas or
easy with my heart rate zones and there’s not much in between. Previously I tried training
in heart rate zones but I found them either
too easy or too difficult as a result. Now with the power meter I can
train in defined power zones but there was still a
mismatch with the heart rate. For example, zone one heart power is zone three heart rate etc. So what I think is going
on here is that perhaps your zones aren’t
calculated in the same way. Maybe you’ve got more
zones for your heart rate than you have for your
power or visa versa. So instead of trying to
get them both to match up I would go with just using the
power meter for the minute. It’s your new tool and you
can get used to using that and you can use your heart
rate as an observational tool. Keep using it in the
background and you’ll start to grow this catalog of information
that you can then refer to over a few weeks time. Do this for around three to six weeks, you’ll start to understand
how your heart responds to certain power numbers, and you’ll start to
gain better information. If your zones don’t match
up for whatever reason or they’ve been calculated
slightly differently, they are never going to match up. So, build this new bank
of knowledge and hopefully you’ll get on well with that. Good luck. This week’s Zwift winning
question goes to Andrew Gorrie. Hi GCN, I love the videos. I have a 105 mile sportive in
the Scottish borders in August with 7000 feet of climbing. I’ve been trying to
structure a training plan. What sort of sessions
should I be working on? The weather has got a lot better and I would enjoy doing my
training outdoors rather than in the pain cave. I try to do around four
hours of training each week so fitting it in around
that would be good. Right then, we sent your
question off to Zwift, the coaches over there have answered it. And it comes with this. The key demands of your event
are going to be endurance and climbing, so your
training should focus around developing those attributes. Endurance training first up. Right, generally, to improve
our extended endurance we need to go long and low intensity. So the endurance gains are
going to come after riding for around two to three hours or more. However though, with your
limited time to train you’re going to want to
stimulate your endurance system with a different method. To do this, continue
those low intensity rides that we just spoke about,
start out with a ride of around 90 minutes but then include
surges that go up towards your threshold power. Start off, you want to do 30 second surges with two minute recoveries,
and you want to do those 10 times in a ride. And the idea is to build them up to 20 times one minute surges
with one minute recoveries. So you’re going on, off, on,
off, throughout the ride. The effect that these
efforts have on your body is that they trigger an increase
in the demand for oxygen and increased rate of breathing. This constant turning on
and off of the oxygen demand has the effect of improving
your aerobic efficiency, and therefore also your endurance. As we said, start out with
a smaller, shorter efforts, and build up until you can do the 20 time one minute efforts. When it comes to the
climbing side of the event, it’s going to involve long
periods of around tempo effort. So to target this sort of training you’re going to want to
do some strength endurance style of riding. Doesn’t work for everyone
but I think for this event and for you it’s going
to work really well. So four times five minutes on a climb with a cadence of 50
to 60 revs per minute, and done at a threshold
power of 80 percent, sorry, 80 percent of your threshold power. If you do these efforts
seated and your hands relaxed on the bars, that’ll really
help you make sure that all the effort is coming
from your legs and you’re not wrenching around on the
bike trying to force any extra effort through those pedals. And then finally, the climbs
in this event are long and if you don’t have any
long climbs available to you, you can now use your
free Zwift subscription to use the Alpe du Zwift,
and I think there’s one here called the radio tower. Both of these over an hour in duration and will be great training for you. Good luck with your quest
in August, and enjoy. Neil Simpson apologizes
for the next question because it’s about his undercarriage. I commute to work which results
in an eight or nine hour gap in shorts wearing. What can be for chamois
hygiene during this time to help me look after my undercarriage? Well, I would look for a really
good quality chamois cream, something that has some form
of antibacterial quality. I’d smear a little bit on
in the morning and then when you go to get back in those shorts I’d smear a little bit on again. Probably best smearing straight
onto your undercarriage rather than into the shorts. Hopefully that will help
prevent the spread of bacteria too far. Oliver Hiroz up next. Hi gang, thanks a lot for
your pieces of advice, really useful. Two questions, one’s pretty clever, and the other one less so. How can you keep a high
pedaling cadence without bobbing up and down on your saddle? And then second, the less serious one, how high do you shave your legs. Do you keep the bear shorts? No, never ever, no one
should ever have bear shorts. I mean why would you? If you fall on your hips it’s
the same issue as falling on your legs then, isn’t it? Just shave all the way up, I just thought that’s what everyone did. The first question though,
probably best to try and lower your saddle a little bit if
you are bobbing up and down. You could try working on your flexibility and your souplesse on the bike. Practice does make
perfect when it comes to high cadence drills. So maybe consider doing
some cadence efforts around 150 revs per minute for one
to two minutes at a time, that will help you get more comfortable at those high cadences. Timothy Dobson. If my average power on a
hilly route that takes me one hour is 190, does that
mean my FTP is 190 or higher? Well, yes and no. Did you hold a steady
consistent power output? Then absolutely that is
theoretically your FTP. If you surged on every
single climb and then recovered on the descents
then you can’t use that number at all I’m afraid, because
that is just not how that equation works. iGameOver. A question for next time. I’m 40, I’m a bit overweight
and I haven’t cycled in 25 years but I started
again a few months back and it feels great. I really like the idea of downhill racing. Do you think it’s too late
for me to still get into it? No, why would it be too late. You’re only as old as you
tell yourself you are. If you really want to go and race downhill you can absolutely start learning now. Practice makes perfect, lots of training, and if you can, get a
little bit of coaching, that’ll really give you a bit
of a leg up in that sport. Ondra Stehlik the second, up next. I’ve heard a lot about
intermittent fasting, should I give it a try? Well, I’ve come up with the
clever answer of saying, you could, but I only recommend
doing it intermittently. And that I fast after my evening meal before breakfast in the morning. Personally, to be really
honest, when it comes to messing around with your
body’s natural rhythm, I’m not a huge fan. Because it kind of has these
delayed reactions later. So, yes, if you believe
in what you’ve read and you want to try it,
absolutely give it a go for a couple of weeks
and see how you get on. But in the long term I really
believe that your body should be able to self regulate it’s own hunger, and if you start messing
around with those signals you just create problems
for yourself later on. Brann Mac Finnchad Matsukaze Workshops. I bet you were popular with the teacher when she had to do the register. After last night’s mountain
climb I found I have issues spinning up hills in low gears. On the flat or lower gradients
I’m comfortable spinning at 105 to 110 revs in the saddle. When it gets steeper and I
drop down to smaller gears I find it uncomfortable or
awkward to get much above 85 yet I don’t have the strength
to stay in a higher gear. Well, I did some research
with Si last year and it turns out this is all to do with inertia and muscle movement pattern. Basically our muscles
will fire differently when we’re on the flat
to when we’re on climbs. Trying to accelerate your
legs through the dead spot on a climb is going to take
longer than it is on the flat so it’s normal that actually
your cadence is going to drop a little bit on a climb. To be really honest, a
cadence of 85 on a climb is actually not that bad at all. But if you do want to improve
this what you could do, is do some intervals of around
90 to 95 revs for around, well, anywhere between 5
and 12 minutes basically, this will really help
your ability to maintain a higher cadence on those climbs. Jan Kroken up next with a
question about aerodynamics. From what I understand, the
aerodynamics of the wheel is most important for the front wheel. While the responsiveness
would be more beneficial in the rear. So how come no one rides
around with only a deep section in the front, for example,
a Shimano C60 in the front, and a C24 in the rear? Well, Jan, when it comes to aerodynamics I really think that a lot
of people fail to recognize the fact that actually a bike
still has to handle well. If you were to ride with a
shallow wheel in the rear, so for example you started
out with 80 mil wheels, and you punctured the rear
and you got a 35 or a 40 as a replacement, it’s
going to feel really weird. To the point that you’ll
drop back to the team car a second time to get a
matching front wheel. When you’ve got a deep front
wheel and a shallow rear one, the bike feels really reluctant to turn in and when you’re racing
this is really important. But also for example, if you’re
on a bike and you’re doing a time trial, it would again
feel like the front of the bike was just kind of being led
and the back was following it more keenly. It’s always more comfortable
to ride with a deeper wheel in the back than it is in the front. Hopefully that answers your question. The final question this
week comes from Ecudielle, hopefully I’m saying that right. I’m a 50 year old woman
struggling to come back after three months off
following an injury. A non-displaced patella
fracture, that sounds awful. Pre-injury I was doing
around 250 kilometers a week and I had an FTP of 220
watts, which is really good. I’ve been back three
weeks doing four to five one hour sessions each week
of sweet spot or threshold but I can’t hit any
good numbers or speeds. Will I get back to where I was before? When? How? I’ve got a goal of two weeks
in the mountains in August. P.S., please bring more
women into the show, you know, we ride bikes too. Right, Ecudielle, you will
absolutely get your fitness back. You’ve only been training
again for three weeks and you would expect
it to take a lot longer than your off period to
get back to full fitness. So after an injury like
that you would expect around 12 to 16 weeks of good
consistent work to get back to the level that you’re looking for. Which will just about get you
back to where you want to be in time for August. Something else though
that when I looked through what you said, was you
focused on the sweet spot and threshold side of things. Don’t be afraid to do
one session each week which goes above and
beyond your threshold. So something like a VO2/anaerobic effort, so that 30 second to 3 minute window. Doing efforts like that
with a really short recovery in between them will really
give you an absolute, well, it would be like
hitting your fitness with a big heavy hammer. It’s going to really boost
your fitness faster than you would expect. And then something else
that you mustn’t neglect when you’re trying to get back to fitness is actually your recovery. We focus so much on, I have to do more, I have to do more to get fitter. We only get fitter if we
give ourself enough time to adapt to the training that
we’re putting our body under. The stress that we’re
putting our body under. Do two weeks of progressive
build followed by a third week as an adaptation week. As your fitness progresses
you could then potentially increase that to three
weeks of building and then a fourth week as an adaptation week. This will absolutely help you get fitter and faster in time for August. And then on your final note,
yes, we do absolutely need more women here on the channel. So if you do have a question
and you are a female then drop it in the comments box below along with everyone else that
writes in every single week. The hashtag is #TORQUEBACK for
all of your normal questions, and to be in with a
chance of winning a free three month’s subscription to Zwift, the hashtag is #ASKGCNTRAINING. And that brings us to the end of the show. Hopefully you found this
useful and you enjoyed it. Remember, if you do have
a question you can also include that on Twitter. If you haven’t already,
check out our merchandise on the shop,
shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com, and for another video on
training, click just over here.

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  25. On the power vs heart rate question: a complicating factor is cardiac drift, in which your heart rate gets higher and higher even though the power output remains the same. It is claimed that this is more pronounced if you are unfit. In any case, it can result in quite a mismatch across zones, especially after some intense efforts. Another name for it is: getting tired.

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  49. Hi, Im Justin and Im just new to the sport, Im planning on buying a roadbike this december and compete in races near my house.The thing is right now I only have a steel framed mountain bike with a 26×1.15 width tires.What kind of training should I do? #TorqueBack

  50. #torqueback Any problem with storing a bike on a trainer with the front wheel/handlebars up against a wall? Takes less space that way when not in use.

  51. One for Dan : How does regular moderate alcohol consumption affect cycling performance? #torqueback

  52. #AskGCNTraining Hi GCN. I am commuting on a Cube Nutrail (which btw is the best commuting bike #GMBN !) and training on an Argon 18 Krypton during the week end. I have recently bought a Wahoo Kickr to extend my training on the Argon 18 but do not have much time during the week for long 1 or 2 hour session. Are 20-30 minutes sessions every day/other day worth it on the kickr or should I try to rearrange my agenda and try to free 1-2h spots for home training?

  53. #AskGCNTraining

    Great show as always!
    I do 3-4 training rides a week and commute by bike daily, my commute is usually between 10 and 15 kilometers depending on the route.
    Would like to know how I could maximize my training? Should I focus it on the training rides and treat the commute as recovery or should I try to put in some extra sessions during the commute and if so, what kind of sessions? I have no problem making the commute home a bit longer if that helps.

  54. Chris, every time you have a solo spot you get better. Your dynamic and rhythm in answering the questions and, even more so, the practical content of the answers is spot on!! Can't wait for your next one up!

  55. #TorqueBack If I reduce my crank length by 2cm do I increase my saddle height by the same 2cm or is there a doubling up factor in play where I should in fact increase by 4cm?

  56. #TorqueBack Hi gcn, me and my girlfriend are getting into bike packing following your videos. Her road bike frame is small and her handlebars are 36cm. We are having trouble getting bags to fit so her capacity is limited. I can’t take much extra since she’s already quicker than me! Can you recommend anything or some hacks for bike packing on a small frame bikes. Thanks.

  57. Regarding undercarriage: why not roll up a clan pair if shorts and put them in your jersey pocket? At night wash both pairs and let them dry for the morning commute. To keep the spare shorts extra dry on the morning commute perhaps wrap them in plastic to protect them from persperation. Surely this is better than wearing bacteria laden shorts in the evening.

    Must protect undercarriage at all costs!

  58. Hi. I want to change from mechanical discs to hydraulic. How please do I get the tubes to route internally? Is the 'sleeve' method viable, or will the tube be too wide? Any other tips / considerations? Thanks. Mark

  59. ​#TorqueBack
    Hi GCN, I have a question, and a topic which may be helpful to explain in a video. Not wanting to exacerbate this 'war on the roads' (that may or may not be happening) but I got hit by a car yesterday who pulled out in front of me at a roundabout.
    Thankfully im ok but I think it would be helpful to know what to do in this situation. The guy stopped and was very apologetic, we exchanged details, he seemed more shaken up than to be honest. I hadn't go so lucky and if he hadn't stopped it would be good to know what my rights are for any legal action and what to do if my bike had been written off.

    Love the channels, keep up the good work!

  60. #TorqueBack Training for a time trial. First one for 25 years. 14km. Circuit. Not out and back. Pretty flat. Up to now, since "coming back" I'd focused on KOM's around here (~150m vertical, 5-7 minute efforts). A lot of shortish rides (25km-40km) and intervals up any hill I was on. It was very effective. But, remembering time trialling, I know I need to shift a much heavier gear than I would normally, all on my own, sometimes against the wind (btw, the time trial is a restricted event for normal road bikes – nothing aero allowed. Max 40mm section rims, no fancy aero helmets etc., just like back in 1990 on L251 actually ;-). So, I am doing shortish intervals (5 minutes) on the flat, with a 52 – 14 or 52 – 16, which seems as big as I can cope with to start – I reach 45 kph comfortably on that and am nowhere near spinning out. Strength seems to be the limiting factor. My calf muscles burn quickly, pulse limited to 160. I can't get it any higher. Legs hurt too much. I'm 48 though. I manage 3 intervals, in a 1 hour session, with "sweet spot" in between.

    First question. Is the calf muscle burning normal, or is there something wrong with my position? My legs should be strong from all the hills (2019, 5700km and > 60000m climbing), but it's maybe a different strength. Nothing in the thighs. Only ever the calves. And the heart rate won't go up. I can reach 170 at "maxed out" on KOM's. Second question. Is steady, high intensity (95% of FTP) for the full hour also worth it, or are the above max punches what it's all about at this stage? There are 3 full weeks left. I want to do 19 minutes. Actually, I want to win the bloody thing.

    I have no power meter. Only HRM. But I'd guess FTP is 350-ish, maybe even a bit more. I'm a big bloke. 85 kg currently.

  61. #TorqueBack
    I was just wondering what happened to bikes that you buy for content like the cheap bike, the cheap to super bike and the 1929ish bike after filming? Does one of you/the crew Keep them or do you have a bike storage place at the hq or are they sold? Keep up the good content!

  62. Do the teams all have a pink jersey ready to go? Or a few in case one gets ripped? And what happens to the ones not used?

  63. #askgcnanything – hi, why should or shouldn’t you use a frame size smaller like the pro’s do? I’m 180 cm and over the years went from 58 cm frames to 54 and I think i could do fine with 52 and an 12 cm stem. (I have a Short torso for instance)

  64. #TorqueBack hi I'm 15 and have just started road riding after getting my grandad's old road bike, I've been riding XC for a bit but now I've looked at the estimated power zones on strava summit my first two rides came 35km and 71km came out as 60% (45m) in zone 7 <230w and 50% (1h20) respectively, and the average powers were 255w and 240w each. Its estimated my ftp to be 151 watts, I'm 67kg, this seems high as I never felt like I was above tempo, should I try to change my ftp as am of my rides are zone 5-7 or should I just ignore it as they aren't accurate enough without a power meter, love the videos, Freddie

  65. #torqueback #askgcntraining
    Following on from the question about drafting, I rode a 3 day event with a variety of other riders AMD the one frustration I found was the amount of dropping off and surging within the group. I'd be following a wheel, that person would fall off the wheel in front by a bike and a half and surge back on, meaning I had to do the same, over and over for 100+ miles. How do you combat this to ride more smoothly and conserve energy, and is there a good workout to help stamina for when you do need to step on the pedals to catch a wheel?

  66. #askgcntraining if time wasn't an issue what would be the best training split to improve quickly?

  67. #torqueback hi , I just wached your videos of training with heartbeat. Is there any good app witch you can use, that it will tell you during the training that you need to increase your heart rate for the session you choose?

  68. #AskGCNTraining #TorqueBack
    Whilst I know everyone’s preference is different, can you recommend a method or formula for choosing which cassette (11-28, 11,32) to use for a ride if you know the max inclines – particularly when those inclines are 2+km long?

  69. If Timothy Dobson averaged 190 for an hour there's no way his FTP is less than 190, no matter how he surged and recovered. It might be more, but not less, and that's what he asked. The reason for this is that it's always easier to hit an average power with a sustained output than with a varying output. If you can do it with surges over and under, you can do it sustained. This is quantified in the Cogan Normalized power equation, although this equation is kind of empirical as far as I can tell, but works reasonably well, at least around ftp.

  70. #torqueback
    Hi GCN, lately, I've been doing some exercise to correct my anterior pelvic tilt (some slight tilt on my hip), would my cycling getting in the way, I'm just a weekend warrior by the way.

  71. #TorqueBack I am training for a hill climb race. The climb averages 12.1% for 12 kilometers. Should I adjust my saddle tilt/position and/or handle bars to accommodate my more forward riding position with the bike pitched up for the duration. This will not affect flat riding or the decent because the race does not allow the riders to descend on their bikes for safety reasons.

  72. #TorqueBack Hi, for the issue “high profile front wheel and low in the rear” we had been tested and launched a successful wheel set named STARLIGHT. With 1:1 spoke ratio and using hollow carbon spoke technology we balanced aerodynamic and steering problem. We’d love to offer test sample for you guys to check all its performance. Thanks.

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