Why did Spain Decline? (Short Animated Documentary)

Why did Spain Decline? (Short Animated Documentary)

Spain was since the discovery of the new world at the forefront of European politics under Charles the first and philippe ii spain was the cultural military and economic master of the western world its Empire stretched from California to Cape Horn and the immense riches of the Americas flowed back to Madrid Spain's Habsburg rulers alongside their relatives who run the Holy Roman Empire dictated European politics for centuries yet this came to an end in Spain was replaced as a global power by the Dutch the French in English the question is why did this happen and when was this process complete at what point did Spain the conquerors of a continent lose the title of Europe's greatest power and furthermore when did it stop being a great power all together it was under Charles the first and Philippe the second that Spain's power in Europe was at its height yet it was during the later reign of Philippe the second that things started to sour the Spanish monarch was also known as the Catholic monarch and was dedicated to preserving and protecting the church two things on this front for Spain's attention first was the Muslim Ottoman Empire to the south whom Spain wanted to keep out of Europe and this culminated in the 1571 Battle of Lepanto which tippity Valley was expensive the second challenge to it was the Protestant Reformation which sold the Netherlands rebel against Spain and also brought Philippe's kingdom into conflict with the English all of these things were quite expensive not least the failure of the Spanish Armada which basically bankrupted Spain however Phillipe did manage to inherit Portugal and its empire – which gave Spain a major boost philippe ii died in 1598 and was succeeded by his son philippe the third who would in 1618 bring spain into the thirty years war against the protestant powers of Europe and France Spain actually performed quite well during the war but he was extremely costly also revolts broke out in Portugal and Catalonia which are Philip the fourth in 1640 effectively lose control of the former in 1648 at the end of the war Spain acknowledged Dutch independence and thus lost access to the richest lands in Europe and also now had to deal with another rival at sea in 1658 Spain was defeated by France which effectively established louis xiv as Europe's leading mark and also saw Spain lose this land it's at this point we can safely say that Spain was no longer the foremost power of Europe Spain suffered more difficulties when the heavily disabled an airless charles ii died in 1700 he had nominated Phillipe of Anjou the grandson of louis xiv as his heir this was unacceptable to many of Europe's powers because it made Spain a permanent ally of France and so war they spoiled the war of the Spanish Succession ended with Filipe taking up the throne on the condition that Spain in France never unite and also that's been give all of these territories to the Austrian Hapsburgs and despite all of this Spain was still a great power just a diminished one in the century following the war of succession the Spanish sought to reform their Kingdom and the Empire with it these reforms were especially pronounced during the reign of Charles the 3rd who opened the Empire strayed to other nations had introduced a much more direct form of governance it was Charles the 3rd son Charles the 4th whose actions meant Spain would lose its status as a great power he sided with Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars but was himself ousted from power in 1808 and succeeded by his son Ferdinand the 7th Napoleon wasn't okay with Ferdinand and so wanted his brother Joseph Napoleon made Spanish King civil war broke out Napoleon invaded Joseph was made King and France pinched Catalonia revolts against King Joseph broke out across Spanish America and even after Napoleon had been defeated and Ferdinand restored those who lived there felt that Spain could no longer provide wealth and security Spain was essentially sidelined after the Napoleonic Wars in the decades following lost most of her American colonies to revolution this was followed by yet more decades at near constant civil strife and conflict within Spain itself it was thus at this point after the Napoleonic Wars that Spain was no longer considered a great power but thereafter remain on the sidelines of European politics I hope you enjoyed this episode and thank you for watching with extra thanks to my patrons that you see on screen now and a special thanks to James Bissonnette David archaeologist zarqa flash Party Boyko Rob Waterhouse Yasha Enderman Chris wicker Myles Bailey Brent Gard Michael Reynolds Gustav Swan tun Rick Onion duck Maggie pax Kowski Winston k-word phacelia Ravidas Anthony Beckett Adam Harvey Ike Skye Chappelle and the amusement park Ives

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  1. So, basically, like Poland, Spain fell because of dumb catholics in power taking interests of religion above these of state and its people. Why I am not surprised?

  2. Spain went downhill because Spain never had enough good leaders to drive a so much powerful country but always had useless royalty and politicians.

    It sounds ridiculous you translating Spanish names to English names.

  3. You stopped short of the Spanish/American War, where the US Cuba and their Pacific territories under–rather–controversial circumstances ("Remember the Maine")

  4. If I recall, Spain spent its New World treasure unwisely and they kicked out the people who knew how to do stuff during the "Re-Conquista." They expelled the Jewish people & lost banking expertise & they kicked out Moors & lost trade supply chains.

  5. The Spanish had a comeback period between 2008-2012, well before they started to suck again

  6. And as the final blow to the Spanish Empire, it lost its remaining overseas colonies to some upstart Republic in North America (what was it called again… Ah nevermind, probably not important)

  7. We fell because the clock didn't set the alarm to wake up from nap time, also u brits started stealing our gold and that's bad 🙁

    Many love tho from a Catalonian, so keep Europe afloat for us, thanks

  8. Why is Spain declining again? They're being invaded by the same people as a thousand years ago and apparently they have learned nothing.

  9. As always….learning something new. I Knew Spain fell but I didn't know how hard! Can't wait to see what is next.

  10. Psst. It's a bad idea to put red text on a red background. I saw the thumbnail and thought "WTF is 'Pai' ? "

  11. Where the hell is PAI ?? If the animation matches the cover, it can't be good.
    Maybe I'll change my mine after watching it.?.?.?.?.

  12. Yeah, Fighting against all the fucking Empire of Euorpe for over Two hundred years non-stop causes a serious decline indeed. Who Knows what would have happened if Spain had chill out a bit in the XVII and XVIII centuries and had solved his inflation and administration problems.

  13. You didn't mention the false flag Spanish-American War of 1898 that finally ended the Spanish Empire for good.

  14. You didn't mention the false flag Spanish-American War of 1898 that finally ended the Spanish Empire for good.

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