Witcher 3 : 2019 - RAY TRACING  4k - Photorealistic graphic!! | STLM Nudel Edition

Witcher 3 : 2019 – RAY TRACING 4k – Photorealistic graphic!! | STLM Nudel Edition

42 thoughts on “Witcher 3 : 2019 – RAY TRACING 4k – Photorealistic graphic!! | STLM Nudel Edition”

  1. Hey guys,
    WOW, I really like the raytracing shader but In witcher it looks great!
    So enjoy this video and have a nice evening!

  2. except for the floor reflections it looks like a different shader, barely noticable other than the color temperature

  3. I was stunned by the amount of detail this game had when it got released and still looks great in todays standards

  4. This is not raytracing. This is screenspace reflections and screen space AO and bounce light. Not even usable.

  5. Interiors looks horrible with RTX on lmfao. Just makes reflective but you dont see those flame reflecting wtf. RTX is just a gimmick. Thanks for proving.

  6. only after such films and their number of views in such a short time can you see how much people long for The Witcher.

  7. The only thing that i do not like about the Witcher 3 … is the bestiary & how they place them in the map … it's so obvious that they have been place in some order …The Mucknixer destroy the liberty in the game …The most important change in TW3 was that Geralt was able to jump & to swim ..A GREAT PROGRESS …

  8. Not much difference. It means the vanilla game is already amazing ! 4y later !

    I hope cyberpunk will follow this path

  9. Excellent video, I'm impressed a 1080ti can appear so smooth with those mods and raytracing at 4k. It would have been nice to see the framerate difference between vanilla and rtx.

  10. Nice!!! One question, I recognize some stutters while playing and the frametime go up. You guys have any ideas to fix it?

    It’s the normal gameplay without raytracing.

    My specs:

    Rtx 2070
    16GB Ram @ 3200

    Thank u

  11. Not enough people give the witcher 1 some love, i would love to see that remade in a new engine"THE WATERLOARDS AND I"

  12. love it, W3 is beautifull but the lighting is a bit flat, RT does make it look very close to the early demo trailers

  13. Great! Now I have to sell my other fucking kidney in order to buy a PC powerful enough to run this.

  14. developers are so good at "faking" lightning that there really isn't a need for RT just yet, the only thing you will most likely see as difference is the heavy impact on the framerate.

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