Witcher 3 :  4k - New Lighting Mod | Extreme modded graphic gameplay

Witcher 3 : 4k – New Lighting Mod | Extreme modded graphic gameplay

32 thoughts on “Witcher 3 : 4k – New Lighting Mod | Extreme modded graphic gameplay”

  1. The swamps look amazing. And Aard Skellig… chivers down my spine.

    Looks like the next major update for STWLM. I assume it’s rOx whom made this. Am I right or wrong?

  2. I wish they've had designed the game with no HUD at all, so much more immersive. I tried to play it like that, but you run into issues since it's not designed with no HUD in mind.

  3. If the original graphics is breathtaking already then this mod is…can't find a word to say anymore! Just take my money i want that mod even if it's for free or not i will pay for it!lol

  4. Really shame that they downgraded the game before release to run it on the weak consoles. We could've gotten a great technical showcase like what was shown in that nvidia conference. The lighting system was superb in that tech demo so are the shaders.

  5. These videos will never give you a sincere idea of just how good this game can look. With video compression, and a 60fps limit on YouTube, you can't ever get the same experience of the beautiful realtime rendering of uncompressed textures and high in-game framerates that you might see in person.

    That being said, great video!

  6. When i hear any the witcher3 soundtrack i always want to play it another time by now it should be the 5th time

  7. The Witcher 3 is game of the generation even now, comparing to the AAA these days it's still hold its own against those trash.

  8. As more time passes my appreciation for this game continues to grow and grow. Beautiful video, thank you!

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