Witcher 3 Extreme modded: Photoreal Ultra graphic | NEW Apex Realistic Reshade |

Witcher 3 Extreme modded: Photoreal Ultra graphic | NEW Apex Realistic Reshade |

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38 thoughts on “Witcher 3 Extreme modded: Photoreal Ultra graphic | NEW Apex Realistic Reshade |”

  1. In a decade everyone will beg for a remastered version with the latest graphics. Mark my words, this game will sit in the top for 20 years !

  2. I usually dont play the games that my intel hd 4600 couldn't run. My friend recommend me this game, and, I played the entire game +dlc + almost all the side quests at 1024×768 and below 20 fps, at first i fell in love with its gfx even though i ran it at lowest possible settings. then i fell in love with every inch of the game.

  3. I never understood the Witcher 3 hype. Played it for like 4 hours. Guess i could try it again someday 😛

  4. This is the best game i ever played so far. If there is a opinion to wipe out my memories from this game…

  5. This is very very laggy, even watching the stuttering in this video makes me mad as fuck, I can't stand the slightest lag

  6. Hey please make more of these!! Next time make a graphics mods video with some enhanced edition combat scenes!!

  7. This magnificent game from the SD Project RED is already 3.5 years old, and it looks as if the announcement will be in a couple of months. Tears welling in my eyes, because I passed this game many times. This soundtrack stirs, goosebumps are on the back. Polish developers are great fellows !! I believe that all three parts have gone to glory!

  8. Witcher 3will never be forgotten! CDPR have earned my respect above all other developers and I am looking forward to their latest project Cyberpunk 2077.

  9. I love how some obscure game company that made a couple of bad rpgs that no one played just decided to pop out the most friggin perfect rpg that ever existed real quick and f all of us up.

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