witcher 3 vanilla vs extreme modded | Ultra graphic Apex Reshade Phoenix lighting 7.1

witcher 3 vanilla vs extreme modded | Ultra graphic Apex Reshade Phoenix lighting 7.1

47 thoughts on “witcher 3 vanilla vs extreme modded | Ultra graphic Apex Reshade Phoenix lighting 7.1”

  1. Many people wants to hear the priscilla song polish version. I used it this time! I hope you like it 😀
    I also wrote down my full mod list if you want the same look!
    Nice weekend @ all 😀

  2. Ok, nice graphics mod but can someone at least mod the combat and inventory? The Witcher 3 graphics are beautiful already without mods

  3. 0:45 those moded low clouds are ugly af The only think W3 is actually needing is upgrade to the textures and if someone likes maybe upgrade to setting to go higher than uber.

  4. Lets be real. All lighting mods, and vanilla themselves are inconsistent. Sure modded witcher 3 looks great in some areas, but vanilla looks better than others. I;ve noticed modded witcher often makes geralts hair overly white in certain places, while vanilla doesnt. However, I've also noticed that geralts hair in vanilla can become yellow under certain lighting, or take on a green tinge when in forests (only with hairworks on though)
    I mean, you can even see in the video the problems, particularly around Novigrad i've found. Look at geralts hair at 2:17 (Vanilla) and watch it take on a slight purple tinge at 2:25 when it swaps to the lighting mod. In some areas, geralts hair and beard can look really good with lighting mods, but in other situations his hair goes purple in shadows, or too white under brighter lighting conditions, and his beard becomes extremely dark and doesnt match at all

  5. Im not suppose to give an opinion but..
    Vanilla=cartoon feel.
    Modded= more realistic feel.

    My thoughts= on the mod, there's more texture, say the ground @ 02:36 , look on suppose to be "muddy surfaces" @ 02:00 the vanilla mud on the lower left beside wagon was dry, on mod shiny wet look. Also mr modder here has good a sense of colour and contrast, like popping out the flower with brighter colours than the bush(stem??).

    My Inner Hater= Modded version just lowers the brightness smh.

  6. on rtx 2070 its like gtx 1080 and i7 8700 16gb ram without 4k clouds full hd will be 60 fps with that mods ? hairworks on

  7. Is half and half for me. Somethings look a little grey and blah for me with the mods but I do like the darker look. I also know Touussaint is supposed to be bright af but I hated that so much after a couple hours.

  8. Somewhere Vanilla looks much atmo, but in the same time Mod looks deeper, somewhere…The problems is in that you'll never can effect first impression twice. That is a trick. :]

  9. Vanilla looks better if you ask me. And no, it doesn't look like Disneyland. Reality doesn't look desaturated like game of thrones or other Hollywood movies. Reality looks very green when it's warm and summertime.

  10. Skyrim mods makes the game look like night and day. The Witcher mods make it look slightly saturated and smoothed out in certain areas but the vanilla game is still so breathtaking. Really enjoy all of the elder scrolls games but man I love the passion and care CDPR puts into all of their games. Don’t really need the mods when they really leave almost nothing to be desired.

  11. I prefer the warmer vibrancy of the vanilla visuals, tho its cool that there are options for people to mod it for their preferences.

  12. No matter what I play, I always have to come back to the Witcher 3. This world became a part of me over the 400 hours I’ve spent in it. The characters, the cities, the forests, the feeling of riding Roach into the sunset, I will probably never forget. Thank you, CDPR, thank you very much for your passionate work, you made history!

  13. "Vanilla" is not on its highest settings. Why would you do that? So missleading. On highest settings on PC it looks the same. You just made color corrections. Nice "mod".

  14. just finished witcher 3 and the Dlc men i feel like i lost family are really good friend feeling just so empty .

  15. The mod ruins toussant atmosphete, toussant is supposed to look like a paradise on earth, now with this mod it looks depress af like novigrad

  16. Does the mod remove the wind effects on vegetation? Every vanilla part has like 100km winds, switched to mod and the threes don't even move anymore.

  17. Both are good. I hate the fact that the Modded version breaks the Toussaint's colorish "fantasy" atmosphere, but I can see the HD improvements in it also.

  18. I won‘t install this modded version because I like the dancing trees and bushes. „Modded“ is much too calm for me. I love the extreme weather style.

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