Wolfenstein Youngblood | Switch VS PS4 | Graphics & FPS Comparison

Wolfenstein Youngblood | Switch VS PS4 | Graphics & FPS Comparison

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37 thoughts on “Wolfenstein Youngblood | Switch VS PS4 | Graphics & FPS Comparison”

  1. Tremendo pedazo de mierda la suish ,en el exterior con el parche 1.1 parecia que iba a 360p xDDD ,lastima que aqui solo mostro gameplay en interiores

  2. Во времена PS2 и PSP прокатило бы такое разрешение. А сейчас на это мыло в прямом смысле этого слова просто больно смотреть. Не играл бы в такое даже в самолёте.

  3. The only reason switch exists is potability otherwise such crap graphics are unaccetbale. Try running rdr2 on this shit switch..🤮🤮

  4. The graphics quality of the switch looks like 7th generation. It would be done if it launched this Wolfenstein for PS3 and Xbox360

  5. El parche 1.1 mejora ….pufff dejen tanto lloriqueo.
    En nintendo switch se ve horrible así tenga parche.
    Pero claro, tienen que defender a nintendo y este meme.

  6. Of course the Switch Version wouldn't be 60 Frames PerSeconds. But 480p!?
    Por supuesto, la versión Switch no sería 60 Frames PerSeconds. ¿Pero 480p?

  7. I love the Switch and know there is a significant difference in graphical fidelity. If you are watching this on a phone screen, you likely can’t see much difference. Watch this video on a larger screen and the disparity becomes even more profound. Great comparison video!

  8. This looks like 1.0 on Switch, 1.1 is basically the day one patch that "fixes" the game visually and performance wise.

  9. 480-720p30fps with Many drops at 25fps. The Witcher 3 runs at 540p handheld fix and 720p dynamic on the docked.

  10. I have a ps4 and nintendo switch, even with the downgrade on the switch, I still prefer to buy this game on the switch

  11. Feio os gráficos no switch em comparação, mas se fosse apenas isso, blz se trata de um console portátil, mas o rendimento está péssimo, caindo para 22fps um game frenético como é wolfeinstein nao da

  12. Man switch version is garbage. How are people paying 60 bucks for that. Maybe my x and pro have spoiled me

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