Would You Put This On Your Smartphone?

Would You Put This On Your Smartphone?

okay so this is squarely in the weird territory you know me I'm always trying to encourage the ambitious the strange the weird this is what this is bone cooler d DV die by this is a Willie do special as usual a phone cooler an active phone fan cooler for the hardcore smartphone users likely gamers I would guess 5,000 rpm semiconductor refrigeration that doesn't get your juices flow and I don't know what does the cooling effect is two to three degrees which not only ensures the cooling effect of the mobile phone but also prevents the phone from freezing freezing Wow see this is like a marketplace I don't even know about and meanwhile it's probably booming in China the heat dissipation effect is an awesome definitely a winner among all the mobile phone cooler that's like that's like a Donald Trump type of sentence right now a definitely effective and awesome cooler for all the needs necessary there you go now will told me to go easy on it he said it's a prototype I don't really know how to go easy so I'm sorry about that well oh it looks so cool I remind you like when you shave your head you know the Clippers power light I don't know why it has a light frozen shell I see the little tiny fan in there and then there's some sort of conductive pad des gonna pull heat away and this is spring-loaded so it could fit various devices I'll try it out on a couple there is a micro USB charge cable to charge that thing up will come come you in the show I'm trying to do a video you're over there screaming and yelling this is the biggest release of 2019 so far okay there was a keynote and they hired Tim Cook for this you know with live streaming it could potentially get hot as well your phone your big live stream maybe no no not at all who knew what about vlogging well there's one thing we should mention like here everything has air conditioning like everywhere you go is air conditioning yeah boy like I've been places dude I've been around your world pretty fortunate I was in China I was in India and I'm telling you it's not air conditioning everywhere you go if you leave your phone on the dash you know hot it can get oh yeah it can cook yeah cook an egg on it definitely so as far as eggs go how do you like to eat them uh I like some over easy sometimes scrambled you ever poached for watching is great you poached further – the noodles wow look at you you're a chef yeah what about you it's mostly a lazy thing I mostly just scramble it I'll put a little bit of steak spice no no no no not barbecue sauce steak spice like you know it's a keg you've got like the pepper oh yeah it's like a strong place yeah okay paprika and without this we are typically we're cooking just right on top of our smartphones exactly with it now we don't have to do that anymore you can actually use our stove instead it is normal for the product to produce small amount of steam or water drop during operation mmm condensation all right so I have a 1 plus 7 Pro over here goes like this that's your look right there look at you you're ready for a gaming session right now you know I blew my mind when we were in China everybody talking about competitive gaming on phones mmm for rural tournaments MLG status but on phones do we have any juice going on here I think we gotta plug it in no battery it's a power Cory's no battery you would probably have your phone powered because if that thing goes off you got a million dollars on the line well they don't want dangling the turtle let's do the stress test with out and then with touch go touch yeah it's very very cool when you touch the side of your freezer it's very how often you do that every day whoa it's icy so what we're doing over here I'm running a stress test on n22 and I'm running a stress test on what well and to to the stress test is happening without the cooling factor involved after that's finished I'm gonna run it with the cooling unit and we'll see if there's any difference all right so the stress test has been completed on here list the one I'm interested in battery temperature you see it scaled up over the course of the stress test to around 40 Celsius by the end of it so that's interesting that's that's the area we're gonna be looking at I would personally be happy just to see a lower battery temperature than 40 Celsius by the end of it yeah I think that gonna make a difference I think that would be cool anyway let's go ahead let's run this test again with the cooler on and we'll come back in a short moment when these cookies are baked 96-97 yeah there we go okay what do we got battery temperature never quite hit 40 but it was right there like 39 well it made a little bit of a difference a little bit also the disadvantage on the second test being the fact that the device was already sort of heated up so you got to keep that in mind you're a degree cooler whatever that means to you but as it says in the Box there are limitations to this type of tech and how cold it can actually be it works a little bit who's it for I mean it's pretty heavy-duty it's for the hard core for the big dogs it's for the oldest types if your phone has like no water resistance you actually get some water droplets on there I don't know it's a cool-looking thing it's a funny little contraption if you think you need this you you're a certain person like you already know probably all right exactly what I need it's called the cooler and it's out of control

21 thoughts on “Would You Put This On Your Smartphone?”

  1. who says it supposed to cool the battery?
    i think it is supposed to cool a memory chip or microprocessor

  2. In hindu Muslims ANUKULAM concept every telugu movie FAN CLUB must start slogan in telugu theater that "JITEGA RE JITEGA PAKISTAN JITEGA (urdu)".

  3. I dont think i phones need this they usualy work very good even on high temp.. with full power of its chipset.🙄
    This is definately for android devices

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