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The Undisputed Era prophecy comes true , Imperium
invade NXT and the entire roster rumbles to end the show! And yes we’re reviewing NXT
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Fine-est, 2 Out of 5 Live, Cameron Grimes’ Hat – as I review the 18th September episode
of NXT! Triple H opens the show like he’s in the
Iron Man suit or the video for Bohemian Rhapsody. But as we all know Hunter Hearst Helmsley
is not a poor boy and everybody loves him. He says ‘there are moments in life where
everything changes in the blink of an eye, tonight, don’t blink.’ Because surprise,
he’s been behind the curtain the whole time! After Hunter’s Chris Angel antics we get
a barnstorming fatal four way between Io Shirai, Mia Yim, Bianca Belair and Candice LeRae to
decide the new number 1 contender for the NXT Women’s Championship. All four women left it all on the mat, this
was an absolute spot-fest that left me giddy with just how much they packed in here – and
how much they beat the crap out of Candice. Thankfully the plucky babyface managed to
reverse an electric chair into a reverse rana on Yim and finished her off with a lionsault. Baszler and her cronies came out from the
back as Candice was celebrating for the big staredown. It’s about damn time Candice got some momentum
and her vs Shayna is set for two weeks time, the show that goes up against AEW. Next up, technical savage and caveman toff
Cameron Grimes literally squashed Shawn Maluta with the leaping double stomp as Maluta rushed
him at the bell. Grimes then regrettably put his steampunk
tophat back on for the celebration. We then got a very deep voiced promo package
for Damien Priest. Who said ‘this is the stage where my name lives forever, Punishment
Martinez… I mean Damien Priest’. Not sold on the Priest character just yet. We got Velveteen Dream vs Roderick Strong
for the North American title to close the first hour of NXT and the only part being
shown on the USA network: damn you Suits! Corporate heels always spoil
wrestling. This was slow to get started but really came
alive in the home stretch, with an incredible near fall following a ref bump and some Undisputed
Era interference making Dream look like an absolute superstar. But the numbers game still got the better
of Velveteen and a superkick, End of Heartache combo meant 1,2,3 Dream Over but prophecy
fulfilled! Dream loses the title but lost nothing really in this defeat. I’m not convinced UE having all the belts
is the best way to bring new viewers into the fold, but for a longtime NXT fan the final
image of all four Undisputed guys dripping in gold is enough to get me dripping in me
pants. After a quick bit of faff switching over to
the WWE Network we’re back in and Undisputed Era are celebrating, but new channel means
we best recap what happened not 10 seconds ago! And if you like deja vu, why not deja two,
because here’s Candice winning that match from earlier too. Did you know Pete Dunne is the most dominant
champion in modern WWE history? Mauro and Nigel were falling over themselves to tell
us. Well anyway Pete Dunne, most dominant champion
in modern WWE history, is here and he has a fun match against Arturo Ruas. That ends when Dunne, most dominant champion
in modern WWE history gets him in a top down triangle, snaps the fingers and taps him out. We then get a rerun of Dakota Kai’s return
promo package, which is dated for next week. I genuinely can’t believe that they dug
Aliyah out of the closet for the first two hour NXT, thankfully she got a good dusting off at the
hands of Xia Li who kicked the cobwebs off her in a quick little match. She then did a sort of we will rock clap with
the crowd. Li will, Li will, rock you. That’s the second Queen inspired bit from
this NXT. What next? Rik Bugez doing the Live Aid day-oh
bit? A young man named Denzel Dejournette makes
his way to the ring for a match with Kushida, except members of Imperium Fabian Aichner,
Marcel Barthel and Alexander Wolfe attack with plenty of mustard for dear dijonnaise
. The who should make his Full Sail debut but
United Kingdom Champion WALTER. Which was a huge shocker because he had previously said
I ain’t getting on no plane. Walter cuts a promo saying the ring is sacred
ground for them and anyone who disrespects it will answer to der ringgeneral. Which is when Kushida’s music hits who says
‘This is my time. Now your time belongs to me’. Are they genuinely doing Walter
vs Kushida, because I CAN’T EVEN. Kushi fights off Imperium and then bails before
he’s swatted like a McFly. Lio Rush returns to WWE in a stellar match
with Oney Lorcan that also broke the space time continuum with
a move that was half a wrecking ball dropkick, springboard from the bottom rope, back into
the ring to do a cutter. What even was that?! This was a reminder of just how good Rush
is – his selling was on point, his offence was unique and he had the crowd behind him
all the way. Lorcan as ever was fantastic too. Rush picks up the hard fought victory earning
himself a Cruiserweight title opportunity. With five minutes left Riddle and Dain get
to the ring and just start going to town on each other. They brawl backstage, but end up drawing the
aggro of Walter and then the entire Imperium mob and then the whole damn locker room. The show closes with Dain hitting a whopping
suicide dive onto the gaggle of goons at ring side. What a finish! Interestingly in a clip on Youtube post-show
Regal comes out at the end and rebooks the Killian Dain and Riddle street fight for next
week. He’s very angry with them for brawling but
actually rewarding them massively, because you’ve been bumped to the TV half of the
show and the winner gets to face Adam Cole for the NXT Championship. I am useless at
disciplining people This week’s NXT was an amazing way to set
out your stall and say look at our wares people of USA. We have a Pete Dunne, we’ve got
Imperium, we’ve got the Undisputed Era. But as shows that are split into two halves
on two different channels probably would be, it felt slightly disjointed – while the marquee
matches were loaded into the USA half, the best stuff was actually on the network side
of things for my money. So while I really enjoyed NXT it’s not quite
the EST but it was Undisupted-ly Great!. Pete’s news is coming up where he will be
talking about WWE draft picks being leaked but first it’s a very special day for us
because the WrestleTalk magazine will be hitting shops, here’s Oli to tell you more. Nice review Laurie, and I can’t believe
they’re holding all the gold! It’s about time, yeaahhhhh…do I…do I look cool? Tell
me when it stops being cool… While NXT’s debut on the USA Network (for
the first hour anyway) seems to have been a rather good show, it wasn’t all rainbows
and smiles throughout for those in charge of WWE. Their rival programme of AEW, which
starts at the same time on Wednesday nights on October 2, ran a commercial during this
episode of NXT, after the conclusion of the women’s Fatal 4-Way. According to Fightful, while the commercial
wasn’t ran nationally, it was shown in some pretty key markets, including New York, Philadelphia,
Tampa, Dallas, Detroit, and more. But sure, there’s no war coming, psh don’t know
what you’re talking about. There was another war that actually happened
during last night’s episode of NXT, and no I’m not talking about Matt Riddle and
Killian Dain. I’m talking about a war between the WWE Network and technical issues, everyone’s
favourite. The first hour of this new 2-hour episode
of NXT aired on the USA Network, but the second hour reverted back to the WWE Network as usual.
However, according to several users of the network, they had difficulty logging in to
the network during the switchover, and ended up missing some of the show once they eventually
managed to. Triple H’s apology, wasn’t really an apology,
essentially saying “Well, it didn’t happen to that many people and you can watch it on
demand, so what’s the big deal”, while the official WWE statement does actually apologize
for any inconvenience. Nice job, Trips. Moving away from NXT now though, and everything
is go in WWE as of late isn’t it? SmackDown moving to Fox, there’s a draft coming up,
Brock Lesnar is back and challenging for a top title, and Raw is getting a season premiere! …oh you didn’t know about that last one?
That’s only because it’s never been mentioned before. The venue that is hosting Raw on September
30, the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, took to Twitter to say: “As if the season premiere of Raw on Sept.
30 wasn’t big enough, we are now getting an appearance by the “Beast” Brock Lesnar!” Raw’s been running since 1993 mate. Can’t
exactly be a season premiere. But, possibly the bigger news here is that Brock Lesnar
will be making an appearance at the show, considering he returned on SmackDown this
week, and is assumed to be a SmackDown star heading forwards, especially once SmackDown
moves to Fox on October 4. Perhaps this “season premiere” is just another WWE buzzword fest
and doesn’t actually mean anything, but is a way to try and build some hype around
the show. But the season premiere very well may be where
we get some major shakeups in the WWE before the draft and SmackDown’s move to Fox. It
had been reported previously by WrestleVotes on Twitter that WWE would be moving back to
a 2-man commentary team. It had also then been reported that it would be Michael Cole
and Corey Graves on SmackDown, further proof that SmackDown will be considered the A show
moving forwards. But where does that leave Raw? Well in another
update from WrestleVotes, the supposed plan for Raw right now is to have 205 Live and
NXT UK lead commentator Vic Joseph make the jump, and alongside him…Dio Maddin. …who? Dio Maddin is a former NXT talent who began commentary
for 205 Live a couple of weeks ago. A perfectly normal amount of time to gain experience before
you thrust him into the spotlight of your biggest show. Makes so much sense. Where this leaves Renee Young, Byron Saxton
and Tom Phillips is anyone’s guess right now, though with a SmackDown talk show supposedly
in the works for FS1, one would think someone like Renee would be a perfect fit for that
show. Speaking of being perfect fits for shows,
and WWE announced the draft is coming back on October 11 and 14, re-splitting the Raw
and SmackDown rosters. Triple H recently confirmed that NXT will not be a part of the draft,
so don’t expect any call-ups. However with SmackDown becoming the A show,
some changes are going to be made, and it seems some leavers and remainers for SmackDown,
I promise this has nothing to do with Brexit, have potentially been leaked. In a promotional video for SmackDown last
week, Becky Lynch, Rey Mysterio, Alexa Bliss and The Miz were all advertised for SmackDown
shows, which indicates they all could be moving across to the blue brand in the draft. Now
there’s more. An advertisement for SmackDown in Philadelphia
on November 15 is promoting Kofi Kingston, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, Bayley, Roman Reigns,
Brock Lesnar, and the aforementioned Becky Lynch to all be at the show. This wouldn’t have been a big deal if Becky
Lynch wasn’t there, but considering the current Raw Women’s Champion is being advertised
for the blue brand, perhaps there’s some credence to be lent to the other wrestlers
also staying on the blue show when it comes time for the draft. Of course, card subject to change, and this
is just an advertisement for a show, which are always inherently untrustworthy, but it
is worth bearing in mind. I for one can’t wait to see who gets picked for each show,
and can’t wait for the biggest upset of them all. Mojo Rawley as the number one pick. Press the button on screen now to buy the
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