20 thoughts on “Xperia 1 – Own the World's first smartphone with a 4K OLED display*”

  1. Come on Sony try to focus properly on the dynamic range on your phone cameras.

    All Chinese manufactures beat you when it comes to dynamic range.

    Still image quality is what every average user prefers more than the video image quality. I have been noticing that you are focusing much on the video quality than the image quality that’s why your photos lack more in dynamic range exposure and zooming quality.

    Focus on stabilisation on 4K video and release 4K 60fps.

    You were the king of video stabilisation during z5 time when Samsung and apple were struggling with video stabilisation can’t you improvise on that now???

    Stop releasing phones every 6months. Take your time and focus properly on the main drawbacks on your cameras and release a more polished and superior camera that beats the competition in every aspect.

    Also give more manual controls and raw photo in your app which every other top manufacturers offers

    Add a night mode which is now a much wanted feature in all flagship cameras

  2. I would LOVE to buy the Xperia 1, if you'd sell it here! Seriously I know it was a marketing and budget thing, but did you really have to cut away your phones from middle Eastern countries' markets entirely?

  3. The display's max brightness is too dim
    Battery life could be a lot better
    Fingerprint sensor seems unreliable

  4. I hate that this isn't actually the 4k display I was expecting and hoping for. It's only 4k in width, 1644p in hight. So it's actually just a 1644p 16:9 screen with some added pixels on the top and bottom to make for the 21:9 ratio. You know, how Samsung has a 1440p 16:9 display with added pixels on top and bottom to make the 18.5:9 ratio. They call it for instance FHD+ and QHD+, the "+" being the extra pixels width-wise (or height-wise in portait orientation). This should not be marketed as a 4K display since it can't natively show a full 3840×2160 image, just the cut-off 21:9 4k movie content, which is that same resolution in terms of actual active pixels. This is why the PPI is so relatively low, just a tad more than samsung, cause it's a 1644p"+" screen. I wanted a 5040×2160 display, as you'd expect. Or rather just 4320×2160 (18.5:9 4K). When for instance playing a 4K YouTube video on this (don't know if that's possible), you'd have to zoom in the 16:9 video to fullscreen to make the pixels line up with the native resolution of the screen (which is what you want), and thus you need to cut off a huge part of the top and bottom. Since it's 16:9 resolution is 1644p it probably won't give you that option in YouTube though. This made me not get the phone last minute when I found out, even though I'd also get free WH-1000XM3 headphones worth $380. So yeah, If you are planning on using it for 3840×2160 content, forget about it. It's literally only for 21:9 4K movies and series.

  5. I used to Sony phone lover. Until I have problem with the screen of Xperia Z and visited the Service Center with a very disappointingly lousy service. Now I realise, the power of Service Center in case you had a problem with your device.

  6. Last time I'll say this.. Really really tired… Sony.. Low the price, bring back 3.5 mm jack you are who invented Walkman !!!!!!! Add more battery capacity I don't care about software optimization we need 4000 mah battery.. Also and for sure you are Sony again you should give a headphones in each box.. Finally advertise your phone and get many deal with career around the world, don't announce a phone and release it 4 months later… 🤔 u know what, that's OK try to learn from xiaomi and redmi….. 🤔 good luck anyway but if you keep not listening you will be out of the entire business.

  7. Excelente celular el Xperia 1, pero el único detalle malo que le veo es que le falta una batería con mas capacidad, ese detalle tendrían que corregir los de Sony en sus futuros celulares y sería bueno que también que hagan mas publicidad de sus productos y en especial de sus celulares, también que den garantía de sus celulares al igual como hacen como hacen con sus demás productos, yo siempre fui fanático de Sony, pero me da pena que actualmente por malas decisiones tomadas por los encargados de la empresa, Sony haya disminuido de nivel, pero tengo esperanza que esta marca, que es la favorita de muchas personas vuelva a recuperar el gran nivel que tenía antes.

  8. Sony Camera and mobile bast componi. Mobile dual camera not nibild old posacher new posachar inbild. In India. Snapdagonan and midia take indild.

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