YOUR Daughter (बेटी) vs MY Daughter (बेटी) … | #Roleplay #Fun #Sketch #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

YOUR Daughter (बेटी) vs MY Daughter (बेटी) … | #Roleplay #Fun #Sketch #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

how long you’ll be studied. Go for outings sometimes but Mummy alone… so what want to take the whole village with you You come with me no go alone Ok I’ll go to that place only which I’ve seen in a movie are you going to Goa?? hmm… I am going to Amsterdam listen don’t take beef…. there ain’t going to eat there I am going to .. I told you don’t call me after 6:30 pm my father returns back to home and then I don’t like to chat on Mobile Papaji you are back should I cook something for you?? give me a slap my dear baby Mummy this dress is too short lets return back to it I feel ashamed in this my full hands and my face are shown from this :-)) you are roaming around in this outfit I know how long these are I got tired in managing them don’t know why people stop making short Outfits done with revision have you done with your exam preparations? yes its done Mummy you’re back and Lunch too is ready not able to cook more just four recipes in ten minutes.. and tell me how’s it taste now see the magic of my hands Aunty plz have it you know my Mummy made so many yummy recipes like this I’ll make you taste everything food become tasty itself even if she touches it she always praising about you plz sis have some more I’ve made these again these rubbish biscuits … where is your husband? you were telling mom that Uncle are on his Bangkok trip by the way Aunty I had doubt that time when I saw him in a Lingerie Shop buying extra small no one were giving these less than Rs.15 in the whole market and this onion was Rs. 12.5 per kg and I’ve bought these 2 Kg in Rs. 20 and Rs. 20 were left and a Ice cream vendor was there sells it for Rs. 5 but I thought to take permission from you so Mummy Can I have that 5 Rs ice cream Mummy give me some cash I’ll buy you veggies for veggies you too give me money see I’ve bought it veggies !!! don’t know why she comes here don’t mind it Dadiji she means to say that she miss you a lot don’t why she is willing to give the locker keys she wants to say as you’ve pain in your knees how you’ll bear the weight of heavy stuffs so give all these heavy keys to Mummy she’ll take care of it anyway we don’t wanted take anything from you nothing to do with money and all that I need only you my Dadi Mummy your presence makes us happy she is lying told like this she has come to bother us also told like that when you’ll die & would you take all jewellery and locker keys with you but Dadi l love you so much would you give these ear rings and this house to me before you died

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  1. Too good, I can relate to how nowadays girls & boys have no sense to talk & respect in their mouth 🤣🤣Great work. Keep making such videos.👍

  2. Main To khane ja rahi hun ya nahin bola tha Main To Peene ja rahi hun yah bolna tha aur chhutti de do slide to mat Baitha karo na

  3. really appreciate your efforts n hardwork with dedication. may God bless you and your future endeavours. do try to go through with my profile.

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